Sometimes I get asked the question what is required of us?

Yehshua was asked the question point blank by one who asked; Good Master, what must I do to have eternal life.

He gave a point blank answer;

Matt 19:17

17 And He said to him, why do you call me good? There is not one good but one, that is, Elohiym: but if you desire to enter into eternal life, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS.

This is a very simple and straight forward exchange.

If Yehshua had wanted to say just believe in Him, then He would have said to the man that all He had to do is believe in Him.

As a matter of fact, He did not say that we must just believe in Him, He said that we must believe “into” Him.

People want to take one verse by itself and scripture does not work this way.

Even the demons believe that He is the Son of the Most High Elohiym, this is recorded.

Yehshua was the word or the Logos of Elohiym personified in the flesh.

We must believe into His Father’s word because it is who He is.

It is the name that He was given.

We were created with a purpose and we were given His word for this purpose.

We were created to be made in His image and His word accomplishes this if we walk with Him in it.

Isa 55:11 So will my word be that proceeds forth out of my mouth: it will not return to me void BUT IT WILL ACCOMPLISH THAT WHICH I PURPOSE, and it will prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

He sent it to build His character in us.

It is His will that we be made in His image.

Yehshua knew this and this is why He answered the man the way that He did that day about keeping the commandments as a requirement for eternal life.

How can you say that you believe into someone if you do not even believe what they spoke?

You cannot, you simply lie to yourself when you do.

He told us to live by His Father’s every word.

The night before He was killed, He repeated to His disciples over and over again to keep His and His Father’s commandments.

He said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from the Torah.

He said that unless our righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees that in no way would we see His Father’s kingdom.

He said that many will come to Him who called Him Lord and did many wonderful deeds in His name and He will say depart from me because you did not live my Father’s Torah, therefore I never knew you.

How do these instructions that He gave us compare to what His Father said is required of us through His servant Micah?

Mic 6:8-9

8 He has showed you, O man, what is good; and what does YEHWEH require from us, but TO DO JUSTICE, and to LOVE MERCY, and TO WALK HUMBLY WITH OUR ELOHIYM?

If you want to have eternal life, I suggest that you listen to what He is saying here.

The King James translates this verse to say; what does He require of us but “what He seeks from us” or “what He desires from us” is a better translation of this into our language.

But it is definitely also what is required of us if He is going to give us eternal life in His family; it is just that he has let man go their own way until now.

There are billions alive today who claim they are walking with Him yet they are walking on a path of their own choosing and not on His path.

They claim that they are walking with Him but it is on their terms, and not His.

He does not walk with us on our own path apart from His path; it must be on His path in humility, seeking to be reprogrammed by Him.

We cannot tell the master potter how He will program us; it does not work this way.

I will talk more about the His path in a bit but I want to first talk about practicing justice and loving mercy.

It is so important that we do not rely on the translations of these words into the English language for our understanding.

Judgment or Justice is a really simple topic from His perspective.

He is not interested in what we declare is right or wrong.

It is clear that the original sin of Adam and Eve was they decided right from wrong for themselves by rejecting His instructions.

His instructions teach us His righteous judgment.

When Yehshua told the religious of the day that they had omitted the weightier matters of the Torah; Judgment, mercy and faith, He was telling them something very specific.

They had not omitted their man-made judgments.

Their hearts were full of exacting judgment on one another.

They were self-righteous beyond description and so are the religious of today.

He was telling them that they had omitted the righteous judgment that leads to condemnation.

It is very important that we do not lean on our own understanding to determine what is right or what is wrong for ourselves.

We must let Him teach His righteousness to us and this only happens one way, it is through walking with Him in humility letting Him be our source for all judgment.

And this requires having His 7 spirits which come from being in a covenant relationship with Him through His Son’s blood which is dependent on our genuine repentance.

I received a comment on one of the videos this morning telling me that I need to follow my heart.

There could not be a statement that is further from the truth.

My heart is wicked and deceitful apart from being in agreement with my Father.

It is His judgment that we must seek that makes us righteous. It has to be His righteous judgment.

The reason that He commanded Israel of old to stone the man for breaking the Sabbath by gathering wood is because He knows what the rebellion of one can lead others to.

Is your judgment more righteous than your Creator’s?

The religious of the day condemned the disciples for picking grain on the Sabbath day.

They were going to consume the grain that they were picking because they were hungry.

People want to use events like this to say see, Yehshua changed the law.

In doing so, they call Him a liar because as I mentioned already, He himself said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from within it.

That day He was exercising righteous judgment as He always did.

He knew they were not harvesting the grain.

He did not rely on His own council just as Isaiah prophesied that He would not.

His judgment was not His own, just like He said it was not.

He said that I judge no man, yet my judgment is true.

He was saying that He does not judge according to man’s reasoning, but according to His Father’s will.

We must seek the same and this is what His Father seeks from us.

The next thing that He seeks from us if we are to please Him is that we love mercy.

The word mercy is not a good translation.

The King James typically translates this word as kindness or mercy or favor or loving kindness or goodness.

Of these different words, the one that best describes the intent of what YEHWEH gave to us here through the prophet Micah is the English word favor.

This lines up well with the Greek word that Matthew used to record what Yehshua said when He told them that they had omitted mercy as one of the weightier matters.

Mercy is not the best word in either of these languages for the description of what was being said.

It actually lends itself to our own judgment as to what mercy is and does not tie it into our Creator’s character that He desires for us to have.

Favor is a better word but even this word must not be defined though our own understanding.

We must be focused on loving to be found in our Creator’s favor and for others to be found in His favor as well.

We are found in His favor when we are living His will.

It is a desire and a longing that He is seeking to be in our hearts that we desire to be found living in His will.

And it is a hunger in our hearts for His will to be done throughout the whole earth.

Our hearts must be to be found living to be in one another’s favor as well, but not at the expense of compromising with evil.

An example of what is being said when Yehshua said that they had omitted the weightier matters of the Torah referring to mercy would be the following;

You see someone walking on a path that is heading towards the lake of fire and you have pity in your heart for this person.

Your heart is torn because they reject that which would give them eternal life and that which would put them in their Creator’s favor.

It might even be something that was passed down to them through generations but we should remorse that the world is so far removed from the truth that would set them free no matter what the circumstances.

Our hearts should loath the choices that man has made that have led up to where the world is today.

It is a paradigm shift.

Yes, we have compassion for them for their physical needs as well and yes we feel for them, but it is not so much for the temporal as it is for the eternal.

And yes, we ought to help others on a physical plain.

This is a natural by-product of His love living through us but the heart that we must seek to have is the same heart that our Creator has.

The physical is just temporal.

He is broken that His creation has rejected Him, yet He had to give us free will in order to accomplish that which He is purposing which is building a family who wants to experience pure love with Him for eternity.

The physical suffering and the hardships are a by-product of man rejecting Him so the hurt in our heart must be based on this in front of what has resulted from it.

Man always wants to focus on the effect and not on the cause.

He wants us focusing on the cause so that He can apply the fix to our hearts.

Fixing the physical does not accomplish it purpose by itself. He wants to fix our nature by giving us His nature but it has to be a hunger on our part if the fix is to hold for eternity.

His heart is torn that man has chosen to suffer over choosing Him, and so should be our hearts be.

Having such a heart helps Him program His righteousness in us because it creates a burning desire for His righteousness in our most inward parts.

It is such hearts as these that He seeks from us.

This leads us to the last of the three things that He tells Micah in this verse; which is to walk humbly with our Elohiym.

The third of the weightier matters of the Torah that Yehshua told them that day that they had omitted was faith.

It is what they believed. They obviously had faith, it was just misdirected.

Their faith was not true.

They had perverted the Torah and made a false religion out of it.

How much more so are the abominations today with so many ignoring it all together?

If you belief says that He nailed His Father’s Torah to the cross it is a different belief than what He has according to His own words.

If this is the case and this is what you believe, then your faith is in a make believe Messiah that came from the lies of Saul of Tarsus and other deceived men.

How about if you trust doctors and medicines for your healing, is this believing that your Creator wants to heal you, at least if you are found in His favor?

Or is it denying Him by denying the need to be found in His favor?

I am not going to go into all of the abominable practices by those who call themselves Christian who claim the covering of the atoning sacrifice of Yehshua’s blood because it is not the point of this video.

The list of abominations and blasphemes is great indeed.

The point that I am making is, if they had omitted true faith back then, how much more so today?

Walking humbly with Him is walking with Him in His Torah being molded and fashioned by Him to have His righteousness become our righteousness.

These things are that which are required of us or that which He seeks after from us in order for us to be found in His favor.

The next verse says;

9 YEHWEH’s voice cries to the city, and the man of wisdom will see His name: HEAR THE ROD, and who has appointed it.

This is a powerful instruction.

We are commanded to bear His name so we had better find out what His name represents because those who choose to continue to reject His name will be purged out in the coming weeks and months.

He says here to listen to the rod and to whom He has appointed it.

He appointed His Son to become His word in the flesh.

His word or His logos is the measuring rod that all will be judged by.

This is being given to you through His servant that He has appointed to give it to you.

Each of you will have to bring yourself under the judgment of His word and measure yourself against it or He is about ready to do it for you.

I suggest that you humble yourself before Him and turn from your path and turn to His narrow path.

Or He will humble you because one way or another you will be humbled.

His narrow path is His Torah.

Turn to the hearts of the saints who have gone before us.

And walk humbly with Him and desire to be found in His will and in His favor and hunger for the world to be in His favor living His will, discerning His righteous judgments.

What an awesome world it will be when His will is done here on earth as it is in His heavens.

This is what He requires of us.