Some of you have questioned why I us the name Zerubbabel.

Some have questioned this in a sincere way and others of you in a scoffing way.

I decided that I would post a video discussing this subject so that I can refer people to it in the future when the question comes up and to hopefully satisfy any of your curiosities concerning the subject.

First, we are told in Revelations 2:17 that we will be given a new name that no man will know except he that receives it.

The name Zerubbabel IS NOT this name for me.

I believe that none of us will know the name that is given on the admission stone until we are resurrected into His family as a spirit being but I do not know if there have been exceptions or not.

The name Zerubbabel is a description just as all names are with our Creator.

It is the name that Zechariah was given to describe one of the two witnesses.

It literally means to flow out from Babel or Babylon.

Babylon or Babel is represents a place of confusion and captivity.

Our Creator called me out of Babylon to become this man.

It carries with it the meaning of escaping or being set free from the captivity.

I was buried in the false doctrines of Christianity just like everyone else who is still in captivity to the mother whore’s lies.

He called me out and set me free just like He will each of you but you have to come to His truth that He is restoring.

He is restoring much truth and I He has sent me to cry out on His behalf to a people to come out of the whore’s imprisoning lies.

And others from the scattered tribe of Israel have adopted many false doctrines that came out of the blasphemous religion of Judaism that those calling themselves Jews today practice.

The reality that the second witness would be delivered out of the captivity ties into several other prophesies as well.

One of these is found in Ezekiel 24 where we are told that one would escape to cry out to Israel to cover their heads and to not eat the leavened bread of men.

The same would cry out to Israel to keep their shoes on which means to make yourself ready for the second exodus and to not mourn or lament for the coming purging out of the wicked.

Making yourself ready means to turn to the truth and make straight your path.

The straight path is our Creator’s Torah.

He gave it to us to perfect us in His image.

And the concept of Zerubbabel being brought forth fits in with the prophesies about one coming forth to begin to rebuild the truth that has been made desolate and telling Israel to turn to the hearts of the patriarchs and to return to the Torah.

The verses in Zechariah 4 explain that the temple would be finished off with Zerubbabel and that He would bring forth the plummet line.

This has happened; He gave me the measuring rod to give to all that the temple was measured with.

And all will be measured by the same measuring rod who are going to enter into His kingdom in the future.

He has given it to me to proclaim that it all hinges on receiving His seven spirits to teach us the depths of understanding the measuring rod and His character.

It is all about being made in His image.

This is how we are found to be in His favor.

This was outlined by Zechariah in these verses as well.

Zechariah explains that the two witnesses are the two olive trees that His seven spirits will pour out through.

This is what the seven eyes are; the book of revelations confirms this.

They are poured out through the atoning sacrifice of Yehshua who is the first witness and through the message that He is giving through the second olive tree, Zerubbabel.

Yehshua’s testimony as recorded by two eye witnesses’ bears witness that what I speak is from Him.

He is the source of what I am speaking and He is living in and through me just as He wants to live in and through each of us.

The spirit bears witness to this but most of you cannot hear His voice because His righteous character has no place in you.

You are righteous in your own understanding and buried in the lies that you learned from the doctrines of men.

Your righteousness is from within instead of being in agreement with your Creator’s righteousness.

Some people think that being self-righteous is a matter of being up on a pedestal and thinking that one is high and mighty in their own goodness.

This certainly can sometimes be the case but there is a much more subtle way to be self-righteous than most understand or even consider.

You can be low and broken and think that you are pond scum yet you can still think that your Creator’s ways are wrong or scoff at His righteous judgment.

In doing so, you are in fact lifting your ways above His ways.

If you think that you are pond scum, where are you placing Him if your ideology is more righteous than His ways?

An example of this is questioning His wrath instead of examining that you might be the cause of it.

Another example might be you telling Him that it does not matter which day you come before Him or how you will worship Him.

Anyway, the name Zerubbabel is simply the description that was given to Zechariah to describe who the second witness would be.

He was the one who would be delivered out from the captivity to cry aloud and this is happening but few are listening.

Our Creator has made me this man.

He delivered me out of the captivity with the same resource that He will use to deliver each of you out of it.

It is the truth that sets us free and His logos, which defines His righteousness and teaches it to us is the truth.

I long to receive my new name that is written on the white admission stone, but for now, I will bear the description that He has given to me with courage and in His strength.