I have recently spoke about head coverings and how today He is commanding those who will become His people to turn to Him and to not lament or mourn for the coming time of affliction that is at hand.

At this time He is commanding those who will turn to Him to turn from all that is false and to cover their heads.

This was prophesied to happen in a parable found in Ezekiel 24.

Verse three says that it is a parable that is given to the rebellious house of Israel.

Ezek 24:3-5

3 AND UTTER A PARABLE TO THE REBELLIOUS HOUSE, and say to them, thus says Adonai YEHWEH; set up a pot, set it up and pour water into it:

4 Gather the pieces thereof into it, EVEN EVERY GOOD PIECE, the thigh, and the shoulder; fill it with the choice bones.

5 TAKE THE CHOICE OF THE FLOCK, and burn also the bones under it, and bring it to boiling, and boil up the bones in it.

If you want to think that you are not from the scattered tribes of Israel that would be a dangerous assumption because a third of the world’s population today is.

Also, He is inviting all to be engrafted into Israel anyway, just as Yehshua instructed us to go teach all nations to obey Him and be baptized into the covenant through repentance.

In these verses He shows that the rebellious house is like the scum that is left in a boiling pot of meat with the bones all boiled up in it.

In this parable, He removed the flesh who came to Him piece by piece but He did not remove or choose the scum that rejected Him by rebelling against Him.

He has been building His family by trying them and proving them.

The 144,000 have been set apart, most of which already sleep but He is planning a second Exodus for those who will choose to be delivered by Him into a new era of time.

After the last of the 144,000 was sealed into His family, He poured the rest out like blood on a rock and covered them with ashes representing shame and piled kindling and wood round about them.

This is symbolic in describing the condition of the scattered tribes of Israel today.

The stage is set and the match is at the base of the kindling.

He says that He has removed His covering from Israel and He is sending forth His fury and His vengeance for their rebellion.

He says that the filth and the scum will be consumed.

This parable portrays a pretty graphic picture of His fury.

He then purges out Ezekiel’s wife for her whoredom as example of the whoredom of Israel and what will befall them if they do not return to His covering.

He tells Ezekiel that he must not cry, nor mourn or lament for the dead and He is to cover his head and put shoes on his feet.

He also instructs him to not eat the bread of men and to not cover his lips.

This leads up to verse 20 where He ties it into today;

Ezek 24:20-27

20 Then I answered them, the word of YEHWEH came to me, saying,

21 Speak to the house of Israel, Thus says Adonai YEHWEH; Behold, YOU HAVE DEFILED MY SANCTUARY AND YOUR EXCELLENCY IS YOUR STRENGTH, AND YOUR EYES HAVE DESIRED AND DELIGHTED IN AND THAT WHICH YOUR SOUL DELIGHTS IN; you have relinquished your sons and your daughters to fall by the sword.

Then He shifts to instructing the correction or the repentance for these abominations that you must embrace so that you can be delivered;

22 You shall do as I have done: you shall not cover your lips, nor eat the bread of men.

The bread of men that He is speaking of is referring to feeding off of the filth of this age that we are in.

We must no longer eat from this bread.

It is time for a diet change for most of you because most of you are still feeding off of the lies.

You must repent and live off of the unleavened bread of life.

This bread is that which separates us from the world and from all of satan’s schemes and his snares.

It must become your source for what is true.

It is what defines our Creator’s nature.

It is what He uses to mold and fashion us in His image.

Yehshua became this unleavened bread in the flesh and we are to follow Him on the same path.

He goes on;

23 And your HEAD COVERINGS SHALL BE UPON YOUR HEADS and your shoes upon your feet: you shall not lament nor weep; you shall melt in your iniquities, and mourn one to another.

24 Just as with Ezekiel, THIS IS A SIGN TO YOU: according to all that he has done you shall do: “AND WHEN THIS SIGN COMES,” you will know that I am Adonai YEHWEH.

Just as in the previous verses, Ezekiel had been told to not lament over his wife’s death, likewise we are told to not lament over the coming destruction of all that continues to oppose His will.

We are being told to not mourn over that which will be purged out.

YEHWEH told Ezekiel that he was to instruct the people, referring to us, to do the same.

He was referring to a time in the future when He would bring His wrath on Israel for their blasphemes after the 144,000 were sealed.

Uncovering their heads back then was a symbol of mourning and lamenting and it is to be so this day as well.

It was also a symbol the shame of their nakedness, just as it is a symbol of our nakedness this day.

Likewise, covering our heads was and is a symbol of coming under His covering.

One person wrote me with a couple of examples where covering was a symbol of mourning.

Those two examples were referring to covering with sack cloth and ashes. Scripture defines scripture and proves this.

Ezekiel was commanded not to uncover his head nor mourn, just as Aaron was commanded the same when my Father consumed his two sons for their abomination.

There are other examples of this as well that I discussed in the head covering video.

This prophesy is being fulfilled right now AND IT IS A SIGN THAT IS BEING GIVEN TO YOU.

I am telling you to cover your heads and to turn to Him and to not lament over those who will not turn from their abominations.

Mourn for your abominations that you have lived but turn from them.

Cry and sigh for the abominations that man has practiced before their Creator but do not lament for those who choose to remain in their abominations.

Do not lament or mourn over their destruction.

It is all about His will being accomplished here on earth as it is in heaven.

This should be what you have been praying for anyway according to Yehshua.

And I am telling you that YEHWEH Elohiym is commanding you to do this (cover your heads) this day.

He added in verse 24 that when this sign is given you can know that it is YEHWEH who is giving it.

This time is upon us and this sign is being given but few are hearkening, just as few hearkened to any of His prophets, this is why this time has come.

YEHWEH goes on;

25 Also, you son of man, shall it not be (that you lament) in the day when I take from them their fortified places, the joy of their glory, the desire of their eyes, and take away that which they fixed their minds on and take away their sons and their daughters


This is happening. He is talking about the one who would become Zerubbabel, the one who would be delivered out of the captivity and given this sign to give to you.

The one who would begin to rebuild the waste places.

He is one of the two olive trees and one of the two witnesses.

He has called me out of the captivity to cry out to you to turn from your ways and turn to His ways.

You are being commanded to cover your head this day and to put your shoes on your feet.

When Israel was commanded to put their shoes on their feet and their staff in their hands the night of the Passover, He was telling them to be ready.

The instructions given to you today are to get ready for the second Exodus.

He tells us to not cover our lips as well. It is time to cry out to others to repent and to sound the trumpets.

Change your diet to the Unleavened Bread of life and gird yourself with the truth that will deliver you.

Do not mourn or lament over that which must be done but mourn only with one another that we have forsaken our Elohiym and made His image or who He is from lies.

We have profaned why He created us and defiled His sanctuary and defiled His name.

You need to flee from the leavening of this world and cry out to Him to deliver you.

Cover your heads as a sign of returning to His covering and as a sign of coming under the covering of His Son’s blood.

Listen to the baptized in the blood video and see how you can have the water that you were baptized in or need to be baptized in, turned into His Son’s blood.

Repent, because His kingdom is at hand.