Today we live in a world with all sorts of different religions and different doctrines regarding how to be saved or how to have eternal life.

There are so many perversions of the way that our Creator gave us to enter into eternal life and so many false images of Him and His Son.

From what I have read, the born again movement started in the late 1800’s but really dug hold in 1906 in Los Angeles in some so-called revival on Azusa Street.

It sounds like even the name of the street came from the Azazale goat.

I call it a movement because entire belief structures emerged from it and all sorts of false salvation doctrines and false concepts of being filled with the spirit and such came out from this movement.

Being born again is only mentioned once in the bible as such and the Greek word translated into again more accurately means from above.

The term born again is used in a second place in 1 peter 1:23 but it is from different Greek word.

And it is talked about in a different way or a different terminology in 1 John 5 which I will get to.

Here is how the collection of verses read where Yehshua talks about this subject of being born from above;

John 3:2-13

2 Nicodemus (who was a Pharisee and a ruler) came to Yehshua by night, and said to Him, Master, we know that you are a teacher that has come from Elohiym: because no man can do these miracles that you do unless Elohiym is with him.

3 Yehshua answered and said to him, truly, truly I say to you, UNLESS A MAN BE BORN FROM ABOVE, it is not possible to perceive the kingdom of Elohiym.

This verse has been so twisted to apply to so many false beliefs. Today I will talk about what it means.

Nicodemus was obviously not born from above, yet he could see that Yehshua was sent from Elohiym because of the miracles.

So what is Yehshua talking about here and why is He picking this time to talk about it?

He goes on to challenge Nicodemus to consider what he believed and why he could not perceive what He was saying.

He knew Nicodemus was searching because he came to him by night, probably in secret away from everyone else.

The discussion continues;

4 Nicodemus said to Him, how can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb, and be born?

5 Yehshua answered, truly, truly, I say to you, unless a man is “BORN OF WATER AND OF THE SPIRIT,” he cannot enter into the kingdom of Elohiym.

6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

Yehshua is saying here that that which is born of the flesh can only know that which is of the flesh.

He is also saying that no man can know that which is of the spirit unless they are born from above or born of the water and the spirit.

7 Marvel not that I said to you, that you must be born from above.

8 The wind blows where it desires, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell from where it comes from and where it goes: IN LIKE MANNER IS EVERY ONE THAT IS BORN OUT FROM THE SPIRIT.

Yehshua is speaking in a parable and Nicodemus could not understand, just as most who have read these verses have not been able to understand.

But He is also challenging him and all who would read these words to go after that which would enable them to understand.

As Yehshua said a couple of verses earlier, it is not possible to understand without being born from above.

There are billions of people in the world today who think that they have Elohiym’s spirit guiding them without meeting the conditions that Yehshua laid out for them in order to receive it.

9 Nicodemus answered and said to Him, How is it possible for these things to happen?

10 Yehshua answered and said to him, you are a teacher of Israel and you do not know these things?

What Nicodemus thought that he knew as truth was getting in the way of him being able to see what He was saying.

He was wise in his own understanding.

I see this with so many today; they just don’t want to admit to themselves that they have things wrong in their beliefs.

Their pride gets in the way.

He continues;

11 Truly, truly, I say to you, because we speak that which we have perceived, and testify to that which we have beheld; and you do not receive our record.

12 If I have told you earthly things, and you do not believe, how shall you believe if I tell you of heavenly things?

13 Also, no man has ascended up into heaven except the Son of man which descended from heaven.

Yehshua is challenging Nicodemus to piece some things together to point him to Him.

He is pointing Him to a paradigm shift and how to receive this paradigm shift.

He is telling him not to consider these things from his own understanding, or from the perspective of men.

First, He tells him that it is impossible for man to be able to perceive the kingdom of Elohiym unless they are born from above.

Then He tells him that man cannot enter into the kingdom unless he is born of water and of the spirit.

He is pointing Him to a process.

He adds that that which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit.

Then He says that everyone who is born of the spirit is like the wind, you cannot tell where it comes from, nor where it is going.

The spirit is not of man, nor can man discern it.

All of this is spoken in parables, it is meant to only be understood with the aid of His spirit, yet He gave this parable to Nicodemus and to us to challenge his and our thoughts and to point us to how to receive His Father’s spirit.

He also said that no man has ascended to heaven but Him.

How does this compare to your beliefs?

Are your beliefs getting in the way of you being able to see the path to the truth?

We should fear such a situation.

But He is not finished with talking to Nicodemus, there is more that He goes on to add to what He is trying to tell him.

He goes on to point him to the path that will show him how to become born from above.

The following are some of the most perverted verses in man’s religions because they mistranslate some words and they do not keep reading what He says a few verses later to add clarification to what He is saying;

John 3:14-21

14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up….

15 ….so that all who believe within Him can possess eternal life.

When people looked upon the pole with the serpent that Moses lifted up in the desert, they were healed from their snake bites.

This was symbolic that we must look upon the Son of man.

Everyone in Christianity understands this, it is just that they look towards a false version of Him and do not believe what He said.

They do not believe in the true name that He was given.

And I am not referring to Yehshua or Jesus or Yahoshua or what name that you audible.

They believe the doctrines of men instead and believe in a false character of what His name represents.

16 Because Elohiym so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, in order that all who believe “INTO” Him should not perish, but possess everlasting life.

What do you think that believing into Him means?

Does it mean believing what He said and living that belief?

Or simply confessing His name?

Why did Elohiym make this offer of His Son dying on our behalf available to us?

The next verse tells us;

17 Because Elohiym did not send His Son into the world to judge the world; BUT THAT THE WORLD MIGHT BE DELIVERED THROUGH HIM.

18 He that believes “INTO” Him is not judged: but he that does not believe “INTO” Him is judged already, because he has not believed “INTO” the NAME OF THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF ELOHIYM.

He is telling us here plainly that if we believe into Him, we will believe into His name.

Otherwise we just belief in a false messiah.

His name is not simple the name that we speak, however you want to pronounce it.

He was given the name the logos of Elohiym.

I had one person tell me that I am not my Father’s servant because I use this Greek word logos instead of a Hebrew word.

I use this Greek word to describe His character because people have Greek/English concordances and the texts that we have available to us in the N.T. came from Greek copies of the texts.

The word logos defines the character or the description of what something is. In this case, it is referring to the very holy righteous image of our Creator.

It is what His word defines.

If you worship the image of the Messiah that comes from Christianity, you worship a false image.

The real Messiah taught that you must live by every word that has proceeded from His Father’s mouth.

He said that we must walk the same path that He walked on and He walked in His Father’s Torah.

Believing into Him is believing into His logos which is what He taught.

It is living and believing what He spoke.

This is what confessing Him is. It is being in agreement with His Logos which was and is His Father’s logos.

He goes onto to add;

19 And this is the condemnation or the judgment, THAT LIGHT IS COME INTO THE WORLD AND MEN LOVED DARKNESS RATHER THAN THE LIGHT because their deeds were evil.

20 Because everyone that “DOES EVIL” hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

21 But he that “DOES TRUTH” comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in Elohiym.

What is the evil that we “do” that is the darkness and what is the truth that we must “do” to be in the light?

He tells us throughout His teachings.

The truth is the His Father’s logos.

Only those who “do” His desire will enter into His Kingdom and it is His will or His desire that we keep His Torah so that we can be made in His image.

His will is that we choose to be molded in His image.

This is made possible by us walking in the light. His path is the light and His path is the Torah.

His Torah leads us to His logos and His Logos is the truth that sets us free.

This is what the light is.

Everything else is darkness, no matter how bright satan has made it appear.

In verse 17 He said that His Father sent Him so that the world could be delivered through Him.

He is His Father’s logos.

We are delivered through His logos.

He said plainly that it is the truth that sets us free or delivers us and He said that the truth is His Father’s logos.

There is no other salvation doctrine that will give you eternal life.

It is a process of walking in the light.

So how do we receive His logos?

I have outlined the process in seven steps;

1) Hearing His voice  and coming to His call

He calls us many different ways. It can be through trials or through His blessings.

It can be through the awe of His creation or through hearing His word and such and most often it is a combination of these things.

However, in order for our desire to come to His call in truth to become real, we must cry out to fear losing out on His offer.

We have to want His ways and fear not being made in His image.

This is the ingredient that is missing in most; they simply want to come to His call on their terms with no fear.

They become stuck in step one and make Him in the image that they want Him to be and worship that image.

He allows for this because He only wants those who want to be made in His image in His family.

He is not looking for those who want to tell Him how it is.

The fear that we must have is the eye salve that anoints our eyes and it leads us to step two;

2) Obeying His voice; this is what repentance is, it is turning from that which is false and turning to His instructions.

This also includes believing “into” the name of the Son of Elohiym, it is believing “into” what He died for and what He represented.

He represented His Father’s very nature which is what His instructions teach.

He died so that we could be forgiven for our transgressions and enter into a covenant with His Father where He would write His Torah in our inward parts.

Agreeing to follow His instructions is agreeing to be made in His image or in His logos.

This is all only possible through Yehshua’s blood so we have to believe “into” who His name is in order to have real blood and not make believe blood.

Once we reach this point, we are ready for step 3;

3) Getting submersed under the water as an outward sign that we agree to His covenant to be made in His image. It is showing that we agree to leave our lives for His Kingdom’s sake and agree to be cleansed by Yehshua’s blood.

If your repentance is genuine, which is your part of signing the contract, and your actions confess this, then your new Father takes care of step 4;

4) He turns the water that you were baptized in, into His Son’s shed blood and you are made white as snow.

And then He takes care of step 5 as well, as long as you continue in the contract, but you can commit adultery with Him and break the contract;

5) He then gives us His seven spirits to guide us in His path to teach us all things. He gives them in measure according to our desire and our passion to be in agreement with Him. And we grow in their measure as we become one with Him and His Son. This is the oil that we must have in our lamps.

This process of being baptized and receiving His Father’s spirit is what Yehshua meant to Nicodemus that night about being born of the water and the spirit.

And, it is conditional on our genuine repentance.

The billions who think that they have His spirit apart from these steps have a different spirit.

They have the spirit of anti-Christ because they confess a different logos by what they are living in their flesh.

They are born of their father the devil.

If they are on any other path than the path that leads to the logos of Elohiym, then they are in the darkness.

Here is what John says, notice as I read forward how he ties the water and the spirit in with the blood;

1 John 5:1-6

5:1 All who believe, because Yehshua is the Messiah born of Elohiym: and all that love Him that born (or begat) Him also love him that is born from Him.

In other words, we love all of His children that are born from Him.

2 By this we know that we love the children of Elohiym, when we love Elohiym AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS.

3 Because this is the love of Elohiym, THAT WE KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS: and His commandments are not grievous. (they are not burdensome, they are a delight)

Why did John and Matthew and Yehshua have such a focus on keeping the commandments?

Because they knew what Elohiym accomplishes through them.

He uses them to mold us in His image which is why He created us.

I wonder why satan has been so busy getting people to think they are burdensome?

These verses should tell you who satan’s servants are because his servants always twist to get rid of the commandments or put them on the back burner to salvation by grace doctrines and such.

4 Because all who are born from Elohiym overcome the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world; “OUR FAITH”

It is what we believe. If your faith is based on lies, it is a make believe faith and there is no eternal victory that will result from believing in lies.

5 Who is he that overcomes the world, but he that also believes that Yehshua is the Son of Elohiym?

6 Yehshua the Messiah is the same that came by water and blood; not by water only, BUT BY WATER AND BY THE BLOOD. And it is the Spirit that bears witness, because the Spirit is truth.

7 Because there are three that bear witness; THE SPIRIT AND THE WATER AND THE BLOOD: and these three agree into one.

There is a lot said in these verses.

I left out the added verse that was added by the mother whore in something like the 7th or 8th century to give credibility to her false trinity doctrine.

The main thing to understand is that the water will not be turned into His shed blood until your repentance is genuine.

Going on to step six;

6) We continue to walk with Him, not needing to be baptized again, but bringing every transgression before Him in repentance to be cleansed by Yehshua’s blood.

It is important to understand that sin is transgression of the law. We must bring our transgressions before the mercy seat and let His blood blot them out.

But we cannot continue in our sin, to do so is treading His blood underfoot.

And the final step;

7) We reach a point in our growth where we are sealed by Him into His family and when we are resurrected, we become spirit beings, BORN AGAIN AS SPIRIT BEINGS AND GIVEN HIS SPIRITS WITHOUT MEASURE, walking in complete oneness with Him and His Son for eternity.

This is what truly being born again is. It is the marriage banquet, yet we are betrothed to Him when we sign the contract.

Being born from above means that we are betrothed to Elohiym through His Son’s blood and His seven spirits are given to us as long as we continue to walk with Him.

We still have free will and we must continue to fight with all of our being to be molded by Him in His image.

And we must not commit fornication with Him because we are betrothed to Him through His Son who is the bridegroom.

And the bridegroom is His Father’s logos.

And then one day, when He knows that no matter what we will not turn from Him, He seals us and we await a resurrection into His family.

To date, there have only been 144,000 who have chosen to come to His call in such a way that they became of this number.

But the good news continues, He is crying out for a people to come to His call and be a part of a later harvest.

Sign the marriage contract and begin to be made in the image of His Bridegroom.

If you embrace a different salvation doctrine, you simply embrace a different logos.

The true logos is all about being made in His image.

Repent, because the kingdom of Elohiym is at hand.