I have been crying out to you in these videos to turn from your ways and make straight your paths for Yehshua’s soon return.

But most of you think that your paths are already straight. You are right in your own eyes.

Many of you tell your Creator how and when you will worship Him and you compare your righteousness to others or you say to yourself that there is not one righteous among us anyway to give yourself a clear conscious from your sins.

Is this the attitude that He is looking for to choose to be in His family?

Or is He looking for those who have the attitude of King David?

He said that David was a man that was after His very own heart.

What was David’s attitude towards his transgressions?

Ps 139:23-24

23 SEARCH ME, Elohiym, and know my heart: TEST ME, and know my thoughts:

24 And see if there is any wicked way found in me, AND LEAD ME IN THE WAY TO EVERLASTING LIFE.

David wanted to know if he had any thoughts that were against His Creator that he was not seeing.

He wanted to be in agreement with Him.

People want to point out his faults and make it about them instead about what character that our Creator desires.

They say see, David was far from being perfect and he was a man after Elohiym’s heart.

And yes, he made mistakes and he received huge consequences for them, but what was his attitude when he transgressed?

After the incident with Bathsheba and after he had her husband killed he cried out;

Ps 51:1-4

1 Have mercy upon me, Elohiym, according to your loving kindness and the abundance of your compassion, blot out my transgressions.

2 Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my offense.

3 Because I acknowledge my transgressions: and my offenses are continually before you.

4 Against you alone I have sinned and done this evil in your sight: Speak your judgment so that I might be made right before you and cleansed.

He wanted to be forgiven and he desired the consequences so that he could be made white, whatever they were as long as his Elohiym did not cast him away from Him.

He was so broken over his transgressions. He feared being shut off from His Father’s spirit.

Is this the attitude that you have or do you say to yourself, oh well, we all make mistakes and go on?

Or maybe it is, oh well, Yehshua died for my sins so I’m good to go?

And do you even care to find out what sinning against Him is? Do you care that sin is transgressing His Torah?

Have you ever thought about breaking His Sabbaths as sinning against Him?

He says that they are His appointed times for us to come before Him to spend the day with Him.

We are to set them apart for Him as He set them apart to be with us.

If you had a set aside appointed time with you mate or your child each week and they continually broke it or had no regard for it and told you when they would show up and how long they would stay with you, etc., how would that make you feel?

Sadly, it might not make most of you sad because you are so absorbed in your own lives anyway.

Maybe you would be glad that they did not show up or glad that they only stayed for an hour so that you could get back to your sports or your TV show or whatever it is that absorbs your lives.

This is not so with our Creator, He longs to spend every waking moment with us, at least if He is delighting in us.

Do you even care if He is delighting in you or not?

Do you delight in Him?

David sure did and He delighted in David.

He did not delight in David’s transgressions, but He delighted in his remorse and his desire to reconcile with Him and to walk in agreement with Him.

He goes on a couple of verses later;

Ps 51:7-17

7 Wash my sin with hyssop: and make me clean like white snow.

8 I will hear joy and gladness and rejoice over the bones which you have broken.

9 Hide your face from my sins, and blot out all of my iniquities.

He is saying that he will rejoice in the punishment, whatever it is because he knows that it is himself who has brought it on and he wants to receive it so that he can be made right before His Elohiym.

Is this your heart? Do you embrace the consequences for your sin so that you can learn to sin no more and be brought back into agreement with your Elohiym?

Will you blaspheme your Elohiym when you are not raptured away in the coming days and you are thrown into the coming trials or will you turn and examine yourself as the cause and cry out to Him to be healed?

He goes on;

10 Create in me a clean heart, Elohiym; and renew a fixed spirit within me.


12 Turn me back to the joy of your deliverance; and uphold me with your generous spirit.

His passion is to be made white again and to be renewed in the joy that he knew in walking with his maker before he transgressed.

He is lamenting over what he has done and he wants the pain of his anguish to end, but not without learning to not do it again.

He feared being cast from before his Father’s face for good.

Do you have this fear?

This type of fear is a necessary part of His calling process because it is the eye salve that anoints our eyes so that we can be given eyes to see and ears to hear.

He goes on;

13 And I will teach transgressors your ways; and turn sinners to you.

14 Pluck me from the bloodshed that I have caused, Elohiym, Deliver me Elohiym: and my tongue shall shout of your righteousness.

15 Adonay, I will open the lips of my mouth wide and manifest praise to you.

David is beseeching Him to deliver him and telling Him that he will turn sinners to Him and teach transgressors His ways.

He doesn’t want others to make his mistakes and he wants others to know their maker. He wants to help Him build His family.

He is saying please pluck me from what I have done.

Forgive me so that I will be able to continue to praise you.

Can you hear his brokenness? Do you think it was real, or was he just giving Him lip service?

I guarantee you it was real, our Messiah came from His linage, just think about that for a minute and ask yourself why He picked David even though he did the things that he did like having Uriah killed.

The blood shed that he was crying out to be delivered from was Uriah’s blood.

He goes on;

16 Because you do not desire that I give sacrifice: and your delight is not in burnt offerings.

17 My sacrifice to you Elohiym is a broken spirit and a broken and a collapsed heart, Elohiym, please do not despise this.

He is crying out to Him for His mercy, yet he knows there will still be consequences but he is agreeing to embrace the consequences, just as long as he would not be removed from His presence.

Most of you listening to this can care less that you are ever in His presence to begin with.

You have made Him in your image so you can put Him in your back pocket.

You could care less about His appointed times and such.

You love to go to your false houses of worship and feel good about singing some songs and such and pray to Him so that your needs are met.

Maybe even say thank you for your blessings or you thank Him for your food.

Yet do you want to walk with Him on His path to be made in His image?

Or do you walk on your own path?

If you don’t walk with Him in His Torah, you are missing the boat because this is why He created you.

He uses His Torah to teach us His righteous character.

In Jeremiah 17 He tells us the condition of man’s hearts, specifically with why Judah was sent into captivity but the same concept applies to all of us and all of Israel.

He is saying this because they trusted in their own strength and built up their false alters and places of worship.

They did not continue in His heritage so they were sent into captivity.

Their hearts departed from Him.

He said that they would have been blessed if they had put their trust in Him and they would have been like trees planted by streams of living water.

But they did not so He says;

Jer 17:9-10

9 Every heart is deceitful and sick: who can know it?

He is saying that they did not even know their own hearts.

10 I YEHWEH will examine the heart and test the reins, and will give to every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

The time for His wrath is at hand. He has made it clear that we will be rewarded every man according to his ways.

If your ways are not His ways, you are in trouble.

I suggest that you examine your hearts in comparison to the hearts of the saints like David and Moses and Abraham and such.

I say this because this verse makes it clear that He has been testing the reins and He knows your hearts.

And you might want to turn to His path so that when you cry out to Him to show you your inward parts, He hears you.

He is also crying out to you to turn from your ways and to let Him deliver you.

But He cannot heal you and deliver you if you already think you are good to go with Him.

Jeremiah goes on in the next verse to say that all of wealth that you have that is apart from His judgments will be as the wicked.

Then He says that from the beginning, the splendor of YEHWEH’s throne is the consecrated place that we must stand.

This is the hope of Israel.

We must come before His throne and there is only one way to do that and it is through His Son’s blood.

And His Son’s blood is not going to be applied on your behalf unless you turn from your ways and turn to His ways.

There is no way around this.

All who continue to forsake YEHWEH will be ashamed.

He says that departing from Him is forsaking the fountain of living waters.

Each of us must examine ourselves because He knows our hearts anyway.

Jeremiah goes on to talk about the healing that He is offering if we will cry out to Him for it.

Cry out to Him to be healed and He will heal you but not on your terms.

Cry out to Him to be made in His image, this is the healing that He wants to give each of us.

He wants to write His Torah in our hearts to teach us His ways.

His ways are a delight and they bring our thoughts into subjection to His will so that we can learn His righteous thoughts and let them become our very nature.

Two cannot walk together in happiness and unity unless they are in agreement with each other.

David knew this; this is why He knew that because of his sin, his Father would remove him from before His presence and this was what David feared most, he feared losing out on the relationship that he had with Him.

He did not have the fear of losing out on the physical blessings and such.

David could have cared less about those things.

He said break my legs, do whatever you must, just don’t remove me from your presence.

Is this your desire?

I started off this video with the verses;

Ps 139:23-24

23 SEARCH ME, Elohiym, and know my heart: TEST ME, and know my thoughts:

24 And see if there is any wicked way found in me, AND LEAD ME IN THE WAY TO EVERLASTING LIFE.

The Hebrew word that search is translated from is chaqar (khaw-kar)

It means to examine intimately.

David knew that he could not see the depths of his heart so he was crying out to his Father so show him what would keep him from being given eternal life in His family.

David was not only searching the depths of his heart, he was beseeching his maker to expose that which needed to be changed that he could not see.

Do you want to be made in His image, molded to be in complete agreement with Him?

If you do, and if this is what your actions confess, then He will heal you and deliver you.