Today I am going to discuss the measuring rod that all will be judged by or measured with.

It is the same measuring rod that Elohiym’s temple was measured with and it is the same measuring rod that the latter harvest will be measured with.

In addition to this, only those who desire to come under the discipline and the molding of this measuring rod will be delivered through the coming time of affliction into the new era.

Rev 11:1


His temple is His first fruits.

They were called out from the scattered tribes of Israel’s descendants and they were measured against a standard and this standard has been given.

Yehshua actually told us what it was but the world has rejected it, all except the small flock who have become His Father’s temple.

He said;

John 12:46-48

46 I have come as a light into the world, that whosoever believes “into” me should not abide in darkness.

Believing into Him is believing into His Father’s logos because John tells us in chapter 1 that Yehshua became His logos in the flesh.

If you believe into a different logos, you abide in the darkness.

47 And if any man hear my sayings, and believes not, I do not judge him: because I did not come to judge the world, but to deliver the world.

He is saying here that He did not come the first time to judge the world, but to offer them deliverance.

However, we know from elsewhere that He is returning with vengeance and His Father’s judgment when He returns.

He goes on to add;

48 He that rejects me, and receives not my sayings has one that judges him: the “LOGOS” that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.

His sayings described a certain logos in His teachings.

It is His Father’s logos.

He pointed us to His Father’s Torah to teach us this logos.

He magnified His Father’s Torah and made it honorable just as Isaiah prophesied that He would.

His teachings or His sayings taught us perfect holy character.

This is the logos that all will be judged by.

It is the measuring rod.

Until recently, the measuring rod was used to determine who would become His Father’s temple.

Those in the scattered tribes of Israel were measured by it.

But now His temple is complete and the measuring rod is being given to the world to either conform to it, or to be purged out in the coming days.

This is why Yehshua said that the logos will judge all in the last day.

It is being given but few are listening to it. Their focus is on their lives and everything else but what His servant is saying.

Most of those who have listened are scoffing instead of helping sound the trumpets.

This is why the coming time of tribulation is going to be necessary to carry His truth to the world.

No amount of talking by His servant will shake you people but your world coming unglued around you will drive some to a point of repentance, but sadly not many.

And even with most of those who will eventually repent, it will take much to humble you because you are full of pride and self-will.

You love your lives and your false religions and such.

Most have questioned whether I am YEHWEH’s prophet and there are some who have wanted signs and such.

Yet He has given you the signs and you still will not hearken to them. You even scoff at the signs that He had recorded by His prophets.

I ask each of you to consider what is it that I have spoken in these 140 videos that have been posted to date?

Have I spoken to take you away from anything that Yehshua or the other prophets spoke or to simply point to what they have spoken?

In yesterday’s video about Nibiru, there was a comment scoffing at the notion of needing to keep the Torah and scoffing at what I am saying about covering your heads.

All of the prophets, including Yehshua spoke that we must walk in the Torah and Ezekiel and Isaiah both prophesied that He would send a servant in the last days telling those who wanted to turn to Him to cover their heads.

Of course this person who made these comments is a follower of Saul of tarsus.

But I challenge each of you to consider if you are following Saul or Yehshua.

They had two completely opposite Logoses.

Yehshua’s logos was a straight and narrow path that leads to Him and He is His Father’s Logos.

It is the name that He was given.

The reason that He taught us to walk on the same path that He walked on is because He knows that we are made holy by walking on it.

And He knows that there is no other way to be chosen to be in His Father’s kingdom.

This is why He said that He is the gate and no man can come to His Father except through Him and again, He is His Father’s logos.

Folks, this is so straight forward and simple.

Why is it that you won’t believe it?

I will tell you, it is because you love the darkness and hate the light.

His Logos is the light.

Yehshua told us the same thing when He said;

John 3:18-21

18 He that believeth “INTO” Him is not condemned: but he that does not believe (into Him) is condemned already, because he has not believed “INTO” the name of the only begotten Son of Elohiym.

What is the name that was given to the Son of Elohiym?

As I just said, it is the LOGOS OF ELOHIYM. We read this in Revelations chapter 19.

19 And this is the condemnation; that light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.

Do you think that your deeds are not evil even though you believe “into” a different logos?

Well, you are soon going to find out differently because my Father’s wrath is heading your way.

Your perversion of His logos is the darkness.

I stand before my Father with the first witness saying that your condemnation is you love the darkness rather than the light.

Yehshua goes on;

20 Because everyone that does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

People don’t want the reproof.

The light is the logos. If you love Saul’s false logos or another false logos, you love the darkness.

The truth is the light and the logos is the truth.

21 But he that does or lives the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in Elohiym.

Do you want to say that these words do not apply to you because you are saved by grace?

Good luck with that argument in the coming days.

Keep following your boy Saul to the lake of fire.

But there are many of you who will listen to this who know that Saul is false but you are still following another perversion of our Creator’s true logos.

For some of you, this is because you have mixed in the false doctrines of those who call themselves the Jewish people today.

One of the biggest abominations that you have bought into is the fixed day of Saturday worship.

It is a blaspheme just as the fixed day of Sunday worship is.

His wrath is coming, turn from your abominations to the Logos that will set you free.

Measure yourself against it and see if you have allowed yourself to be made in His holy image or not.

I have spoken in other segments that you cannot even know what His logos is completely without His seven spirits and this is true.

However, you can know some of the basics of it without His Spirit because some of it is not hidden.

There are commandments that are in plain sight if you really want to be in agreement with your Creator.

An example of this is the 4th commandment.

Even a simple study of scripture and of history will prove to you that His weekly Sabbaths are supposed to be determined by the rotations of His moon.

And, scripture is plain that we are also supposed to worship and not buy and sell on the New Moon days as well.

How about wearing fringes of blue to remind you of His Torah on the four wings of your garments?

This is a very simple commandment and Yehshua certainly wore them.

Are you above wearing them?

Or, how about you men not trimming your beards as we are commanded not to?

Do you scoff at these commandments?

There are so many others that we can obey on a physical plain as we cry out to Him to have Him write the spiritual intent of them in our hearts.

They are beautiful in design.

His Torah is perfect at transforming our minds to be in agreement with Him.

David, who was a man after Elohiym’s very heart said;

Ps 19:7

7 YEHWEH’s Torah is perfect at converting the soul

Don’t you want to be in agreement with Him?

Don’t you want to be holy as He is holy?

Why do you contend with what His servant is telling you instead of measuring the words of the other prophets against what I am saying?

Measure what I am saying against Yehshua’s actions and His sayings.

You are being measured as I speak and every idle word or thought that you have is being measured by the measuring rod.

But most of you have no fear.

You do not fear not being in agreement with your maker.

You do not fear going against the reason that He gave you life.

Zech 4:8-10

8 Moreover the word of YEHWEH came to me, saying,

9 In the hands of Zerubbabel is the foundation of this house; his hands shall break it off; AND YOU SHALL KNOW THAT YEHWEH OF HOSTS HAS SENT ME TO YOU.

10 In as much, who has disrespect for the day of the lesser? REJOICE AND SEE THE PLUMMET (the measuring rod) IN THE HAND OF ZERUBBABEL WITH THOSE SEVEN; they are the eyes of YEHWEH which run to and fro through the whole earth.

The plummet spoken of here is the measuring rod.

It has been given to me and I am giving it to you.

YEHWEH Elohiym, the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of all things has drug me out of the captivity and given me the name Zerubbabel to cry out to you to repent.

He has sent me in the spirit of Elijah to point you to the Torah and to turn your hearts to the hearts of the patriarchs as Malachi said that He would.

He has begun to rebuild the waste places as Isaiah and the other prophets spoke with His measuring rod.

He will purge out what opposes His will in the coming days and the bulk of His wrath will be completely released in one day when Yehshua returns in glory and in power in just over a year.

He has given me the year and the day to proclaim to you, just as Isaiah said that He would send one forth, one to proclaim the day and the year of His vengeance.

The prophets have foretold of me over and over again, just as they foretold of Yehshua but you cannot hear me because my Father’s logos has no place in you because you do not fear Him.

You love the darkness instead and this is a witness against you.

He has also turned the water into the blood through me but this is not about me, it is about what He is restoring.

Verse 10 here in Zechariah talks about the seven eyes accompanying Zerubbabel.

Go back and listen to these videos and see how often I have talked about the seven spirits.

Are any of the others who are proclaiming to be His prophets doing so?

We are told that the seven eyes are His seven spirits;

Rev 5:6

6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns AND SEVEN EYES WHICH ARE THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIYM sent forth into all the earth.

Yehshua was given these seven spirits and He is the first witness and they are being sent into the whole earth as I speak.

But you have to want them with all of your being and you have to enter into the contract with your maker in order to receive them.

Zechariah 3:9 says that through one stone these seven eyes will be given.

The stone is the last stone of the temple, Zerubbabel.

Yehshua is the High Priest that is living in all of the stones of temple.

He is the chief corner stone but there was to be a brand that would be plucked out of the fire that would become the last stone.

This brand became Zerubbabel when the High Priest entered into Him.

Yehshua said that He is the first and the last.

He is abiding in me and I am the stone that Zechariah was talking about that would be made through the High Priest.

I was the one that was clothed in filthy rags and given a change of raiment.

Marvel not at this because it was written.

This is no different than the same process that has been laid before us all.

He and His Father want to abide in each of you if you will turn to Him.

So you see, as I keep saying, this is not about me. It is about what He is restoring through me.

All of the praise and glory goes to my Father and His Son but nevertheless He is crying out to you to turn to Him through me.

Turning to Him is turning to His measuring rod and turning to that which teaches it to us, His Torah.

Having Yehshua’s blood applied on our behalf is conditional on our repentance.

It all goes back to being made in His image which is why He created us

He is purposing to continue to build His family with satan bound.

Lay siege to this and cry out to Him to be made in His image.

The measuring rod is His Logos, it is His very image.