We are now less than 4 days away from the 24th day of the 9th month.

Our Maker’s word tells us that He is going to shake the dual heavens & the earth & the sea & the dry land on this day this year.

He has plucked His end time son of Adam from your midst and He has sent me to you in a manner that is IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE that He has done so if you measure whether or not He has done so on a physical plain.

However the manner that He has sent me to you IS ALSO EQUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT BELIEVE that He has sent me IF YOU BELIEVE HIS WORD AND USE ONLY HIS WORD and not that which your dual eyes can see on a physical plain to measure whether or not He has done so.

The reason why He has sent me to you in this manner was to prove your disbelief.

I have some bad news for you.

The revelations of His Son tell us that all of us that do not believe His word are going to have our place in the lake that burns with fire & brimstone (which is the 2nd death).

If you truly believed His word and had used only His word to measure whether or not He has sent me to you to restore all things and to set the captives free, you would have known that He has sent me.

In Psalms chapter 40, verse 7 He tells us that He had His word written upon His end time Elijah.

It is what it is.

His only begotten Son told us that all were going to be judged by His Father’s word at the end of this era of time.

This is recorded in John chapter 12, verses 48 and 49.

These past over 8 years now our Maker has fulfilled volumes and volumes of His prophecies in and through His anointed in order to testify to the fact that He has plucked me from your midst and sent me to restore all things and to bring forth the exodus out from the captivity of mystery babylon.

These proofs are discussed in the now 1,257 videos that He has caused me to leave posted on His Repairing the Breach YouTube channel.

And so is my error.

He has also made it appear that He has not sent me by holding back letting loose His hot indignation until now.

He has done so in fulfillment of His only begotten Son’s prophecy that tells us that He was going to shorten the days THROUGH His chosen or else no one would have been able to survive what He is getting ready to let loose.

In the last verse of chapter 18 of His book of truths (that is erroneously called the book of deuteronomy) He tells us that you were going to call me a false prophet and use His holding back letting this loose as an excuse for you not going out from your being turned aside from Him.

Look up the words for yourself.

When He does cease from shortening the days you will have the choice of being accountable for your rebellion to Him and turning back to Him through that which He has restored in order to be His set apart treasure…

…or not being accountable for that which you have done and blaspheming His righteous judgment that He has sent upon you.

The choice is yours to make.

Choose life so that you and your seed can live.

Sadly, 96.66 repeating 6 % of you are going to choose death.