Today is the 23rd day of the 7th month on our Maker's restored calendar.

It is 9/11 on His servant satan's calendar.

17 years ago this day on His servant satan’s calendar was quite the wakeup call for the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel.


And so should have the rest of the scattered descendants of Israel because our Maker has also sent OTHER SMALL WAVES OF TERROR LIKE THIS into your midst since then.

However you have not, instead you have continued to build up your walls with your National Security Agency and your CIA, etc., etc. even adding to them with your Department of Homeland Security and you have continued to hide behind the seemingly strong arm of your military’s and your government’s capabilities and such.

You have continued to choose foolishly in doing so.

You should have chosen life by choosing to turn back to our Maker’s commandments and His statutes and His judgments that He has restored through His end time Elijah.

You are soon going to find out that the seemingly strong arm of Adam is not so strong after all and your high and lofty walls are going to come crashing down upon you.

There are 313 days that encompass today’s 9/11 waypoint and 9/11 of last year on YEHWEH’s restored calendar.

This past 9/11 waypoint was THE 1st TIME THAT THE KING OF KINGS AND HIS KING WERE REVILED on account of the manner that He is sending forth the Immanuel man-child Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz and this man-child’s 3 siblings.

His word gives us some powerful admonishment concerning the 1st time that He and I are reviled on account of this matter.

He does so in His Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz prophecy at the end to Isaiah chapter 8 and the 1st verse of chapter 9.

The significance of 313 days is He sent His servant to Tel Aviv on 3/13 in order to fulfill the 7 days of His chapter 3 end time son of Adam prophecy.

This is a prophecy that is for 7 hours down to the nano-second.

There are 314 days that encompass the day of this 1st reviling and tomorrow’s 7/24 waypoint.

YEHWEH fulfilled the 7th hour of Him sending me to Tel Aviv per chapter 3 of His 5th day of the 4th month/4 living creatures prophecy on 3/14 just about 6 ½ years ago on His newly restored at the time calendar.

He did so precisely at 7:34 a.m. on that morning.

At one point after this I generalized that this was at 7:30 that morning because I did not think to record the actual time that it happened and with so much information swarming in my head at that time I could not remember the exact time for sure.

I thought that it was either 7:31 or 7:34 but I could not remember for sure so I just said 7:30 to generalize.

However one thing that I do know for sure was, that at the time that this event happened, He gave crystal clear evidence to me that showed that it was 7 hours down to the nano-second.

And since then, He has confirmed to me that the wheels of the plane lifted off from the pavement at Tel Aviv at precisely 7:34 a.m. on 3/14 on His restored calendar.

And how He has caused this mark in time to flow into this 7:34 a.m. mark in time on His 3rd messenger of blood delivery waypoint is awesome.

This Yellowstone blowing forth waypoint is just 9 days from today’s 9/11 waypoint.

However I believe that we are not going to have to wait until then for Him to begin to attempt to shake you from your drunken stupor.

Your drunken stupor is you are drunk off of the wine of your playing the whore to Him through loving your make-believe images of Him and His only begotten Son that your rebellious, uncircumcised hearts want for them to be.

I believe whole-heartedly that we have come to the point in time that THE 7 THUNDERS have now been unsealed and that the Almighty might very-well begin to show you that they have been tomorrow, perhaps even by sending forth world war III.

In the Revelations of His Son chapter 10, in the chapter that follows Him telling us about His 4 messengers of blood that were bound in the great Euphrates River in relation to Him sending forth the war of all wars, the voice of the mighty messenger that John saw at that time cried out and the 7 thunders spoke.

John was about to record what these 7 thunders spoke however YEHWEH’s messenger told him to not do so because they were to be sealed.

I believe that they were sealed until yesterday.

After John was told that they were to be sealed we are told the following;

Revelation 10

5 And the messenger that I saw standing upon the sea and upon the earth (paralleling Daniel 12) LIFTED UP HIS DUAL HANDS TOWARDS THE DUAL HEAVENS…

6 …and he sevened in Him that lives into the age and the age, who created the dual heavens and that which are in them and the earth and that which is in it and the sea and that which is in it THAT THERE SHALL BE TIME NO MORE.

This is a prophecy that is for when the Almighty  is going do cease from holding back letting loose this time of great affliction upon those of you that live in rebellion to the word of His mouth.

This prophecy accompanies the little book that I was given to eat that is BOTH SWEET AS HONEY TO THE TASTE AND BITTER TO MY BELLY.

YEHWEH showed this little book to His servant Zechariah in the manner of a flying roll that is 20 cubits by 10 cubits.

These dimensions of this flying roll take us to the end of the 1st day of the 8th month and then the next day, His 3rd messenger of blood delivery waypoint, brings forth His 188th day from 7:34 a.m. waypoint on the 24th day of the 1st month.

And then yesterday, at the end of the 8th day of His Feast of Huts that was the 8th day of this Feast as a result of Him extending it 7 days, He uncovered to me what I believe with all of my heart is these 7 thunders.

He did so through causing the elder of the dual wives of His Zechariah chapter 5 prophecy to ask me if I had considered the 70 sacrifices of bullocks that we are to offer up to Him during the 7 days of this Feast in relation to the here and the now.

I had not.

What YEHWEH uncovered to me when I did so was incredible.

In the past I have spoken that these 70 bullocks are a 70 day countdown to Him letting this loose, however, even though they are and even though they are part of His instructions for this Feast, I failed to consider this at this time.

I believe that He caused me to fail to do so because what I am getting ready to share with you was sealed until the end of yesterday’s Sabbath that was the 8th day Sabbath.

His word commands us to celebrate this high day AS THE 8th DAY SABBATH year by year AS A SPECIAL 8th DAY SABBATH THAT FOLLOWS THE 7 DAYS OF THIS FEAST.


I did not realize this until today.

I am quite aware that there are many people that think that this day is always part of this Feast however YEHWEH’s word plainly testifies to the fact that it is not unless He were to extend it.

He tells us over and over again that this is a 7 day Feast.

He does so 6 times in Leviticus chapter 23 alone.

In numbers chapter 29 He tells us that on the 1st day of this Feast we are told to offer up 13 bullocks to Him.

Counting His 1st messenger of blood delivery waypoint as day number 1 of this 70 day countdown, the 13th day was the 25th day of the 5th month.

This day hosted the 1,700th petition to Him.

This 1,700th petition to Him parallels things like the 17 shekel purchase price of this parcel of soil that He has risen up for the decreeing of His righteous judgment that is at hand.

This day was the day that He fulfilled part of His Ecclesiastes chapter 12 prophecy that tells us that He was going to turn back the clouds after a particular rain.

His doing so on this day was discussed in a video that was called “Until when the Clouds are Turned Back after a Rain.”

I will also remind you that 17 years prior to today’s 9/11 waypoint on His servant satan’s calendar YEHWEH sent forth quite the wakeup call for the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel.

The 2nd day of this Feast we are to offer up 12 bullocks to Him.

12 days after this 1,700th petition waypoint was the 7th day of the 6th month.

This day was His servant Moses’s 80th day of the 80 days & 80 nights that YEHWEH caused him to be upon His Holy Mountain Horeb.

He sent forth the longest blood moon of the century over the physical land of the promise on this day this year.

This event was discussed in a few videos one of which was called “The Blood Moon SEALING & a Space of ½ Hour.”

On the 3rd day of this Feast we are to offer up 11 bullocks to Him.

11 days past this 6/7 waypoint was the 18th day of the 6th month.

This 6/18 waypoint was the 20,000 plus one smooth stone or the 20,360th day of my life.

It was also the 168th day of His 7th year Sabbath paralleling the 168 days of the one great and fearful day of His wrath that will follow His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

This day hosted the 1,770th petition to Him which is 1,700 plus 70.

It was the 144th day from 7:34 a.m. on the 24th day of the 1st month.

The 4th day of this Feast we are to offer up 10 bullocks to Him.

10 days from this 144th day waypoint was the 28th day of the 6th month.

This day was a HUGE waypoint in this.

It was the 600th day of Him causing me to approach near to Him at His house 3 x’s per day.

He sent forth the flood in the 600th year of His servant Noah’s life.

This day hosted the 1,800th petition to Him .

His word tells us that 18,000 measures encompass the city that is named “YEHWEH is There.”

This day was the 20,370th day of my life.

YEHWEH opened the door of the 3 tiers of the boat 370 days after He closed it.

On the 5th day of this Feast we are to offer up 9 bullocks to Him.

9 days from this 600th day waypoint was the 7th day of the 7th month.

This 7/7 waypoint was 3 days’ journey prior to His Day of Atonement.

He uncovered His house for this year’s Day of Atonement 3 days’ journey later and He has caused His servant to leave it uncovered.

On this special ONE OF A KIND day this year He caused His anointed to blow the shofar of Ram’s Horn from the cradle stone of His Altar that is in the midst of the 20 cubits by 20 cubits of His house in order to set forth the 170 days that will take us to the Year of the Ram’s Horn (a.k.a. the year of the jubilee).

Another significance of 7/7 is YEHWEH continued to shorten the days of His wrath at that time by not sending forth the female child Rachel the night before on His 2nd messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

Plus, 7/7 parallels the next reduction of this 70 day countdown.

I will show you how it does so.

On the 6th day of this Feast we are to offer up to Him 8 bullocks.

8 days from 7/7 was the 1st day of this Feast.

It was the 144th Sabbath of the 1,290 days of His servant Daniel’s chapter 12 prophecy.

This day hosted the 112th Silver Trumpet Assembly at His house.

The significance of 112 is discussed in other videos.

This day fell on 9/3 on His servant satan’s calendar.

9/3 on YEHWEH’s restored calendar is His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

There are 7, sevens of days that encompass these dual opposing 9/3 waypoints.

Like I said, the 168 days of the great & the fearful day of YEHWEH will follow His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

In light of what He caused me to speak about 7 and 8 in the last video, I suppose that it is a coincidence that 8 bullocks from 7/7 takes us to these 7, sevens of days.

We are to offer up 7 bullocks to Him on the 7th and final day of this 7 day Feast.

7 days from the 1st day of this Feast was yesterday’s 145th Sabbath that was on the 145th day of the 360 days of His perfect one smooth stone.

Like I said, this Sabbath can only truly be the 8th day Sabbath if He extends this Feast and the now 3 times that He has done so, including the time that He did so at the time that Solomon and his vast labor force finished building the 1st house that He caused to be built unto His name, He has extended this Feast by 7 days.

This is yet another parallel of His prophecies that are for 7 and 8 that He gave to us for when He is going to send forth the Immanuel man-child Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz.

The other time that He did so was last year.

His Revelation chapter 10 little book/there will be time no more prophecy tells us that I was to prophecy a 2nd time.

Perhaps this year being the 2nd time that He has caused His anointed to orchestrate a true 8th day Sabbath that follows the 7 days of this Feast is a coincidence.

Yesterday’s Sabbath hosted the 119th Silver Trumpet Assembly at His house.

On top of calling out His Torah on this day, He also called me to call out Psalms 119.

Doing so from the perspective of the roll of His book being written upon me was quite awesome.

Yesterday was also day number 1 of what I believe tomorrow will prove to be the actual literal fulfillment of the 3 days of His Hosea chapter 6 prophecy.

Today’s 2nd day of this 3 day period of time hosted His 120th Silver Trumpet Assembly.

His word tells us that He is going to raise me up before your faces in association with the number 120.

Tomorrow’s 3rd day is discussed in more detail in the past couple of videos.

The Most High has indeed marked tomorrow’s 7/24 waypoint in a HUGE way.

Today at 7:34 a.m. on this 9/11 waypoint we completed THE 179th DAY from 7:34 a.m..

Therefore He UNCOVERED THESE 7 THUNDERS to me during THE 179th DAY.”

Perhaps it is a coincidence that Sarah was 179 YEARS OLD in THE HOLY SEED DREAM that I discussed in the last video.

Today at 7:34 a.m. on this 2nd day of this 3 days’ journey we entered into the 180th day from 7:34 a.m. with 8 more days to go to the 188th day.

This 180th day from this waypoint will be completed at 7:34 tomorrow morning.

Today is the 9th day of the Most High's Feast of Ingathering that He has extended to 14 days this year.

On this 9th day of this Feast we are 9 days' journey from YEHWEH my Elohiym's 3rd messenger of blood delivery waypoint that will bring forth the Immanuel man-child Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz.

This is another parallel to the 9’ 9’’ tall uncircumcised philistine.

Concerning this event He tells us the following;

Isaiah 66



He is going to bring forth this Immanuel man-child on His 3rd messenger of blood delivery waypoint 19 hours and 26 minutes after He causes the Yellowstone Caldera to begin to blow forth on this day unless He continues to shorten the days through His chosen.

Today is the 146th day of the 360 days of His perfect one smooth stone.

It is the 62nd day of the 102 days of our Maker opening wide His end time son of Adam’s mouth for me to able to call down fire from His dual heavens.

This means that tomorrow’s 3rd day that is also the 7th day, etc., etc. will be the 63rd day.

In light of His Psalms 63/small cloud that is like the palm of a man’s hand/Elijah/Mount Carmel/7 strokes prophecy, I can assure you that this is not a coincidence.

Here is another HUGE aspect of this 70 day countdown that began with His 1st messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

There are 65 days that encompass this beginning of this period of time delivery waypoint and the 17th day of this 7th month.

Concerning 65 days, a day for a year, He tells us the following;

Isaiah 7

8 Because the head of Syria is Damascus and the head of Damascus is REZIN AND FOR (OR ON ACCOUNT OF) 65 YEARS THE PEOPLE FROM EPHRAIM WILL BE FILLED WITH TERROR.

9 The head of Ephraim is Samaria and the head of Samaria is REMALIAH'S SON. IF YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS IT IS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT BELIEVE.

This prophecy is part of His Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz prophecy.

The significance that the testimony of His word has put upon the 6 days’ journey that follow His 7/17 waypoint that ends today and that takes us to tomorrow’s 7/24 -7th day from this waypoint is HUGE.

Since the dual measurements of the flying roll that contains the oath of His curse don’t end until the 188th day, it could be that He could continue to hold this back.

Or He could even continue to hold this back beyond this point in time as well.

This is His show.

I just know that there has to come a point in time that He is going to cease from doing so.

And the emphasis that He has woven into tomorrow’s 7th day makes it look like we have come to the point in time that He is going to let you know that time has ran out.

If so, His 7 thunders have indeed been unsealed.