The world today has no concept of who Yehshua really is.

They have painted images in their minds that came from the lies of Christianity that came out from the mother whore of Babylon and from the teachings of an apostate named Saul of Tarsus.

They have a picture of a different Messiah that is far from reality of who He was in the flesh and who He is now in His Glory.

He was given a name and that name is the Logos of Elohiym.

Rev 19:13

13 And He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood: and His name is called The Word (the LOGOS) of Elohiym.

The false messiah that Christianity has painted is one who did away with His Father’s commandments and died so they could live as they see fit and so they could choose right from wrong for themselves.

This is not reality.

We were created to be made in our Creator’s image.

He sent forth His word to accomplish this purpose. We cannot be made in His image without it.

Yehshua came and personified the path that was given to us that leads to eternal life.

He paved the way and showed us the way but man’s religions have perverted His Father’s offer of salvation.

They have perverted the path that leads to eternal life by perverting the entire process.

They have perverted the image of their Creator and His Son and they have made them who they want them to be.

Now His wrath that He has held back as He called out the first fruits of His family will finally be let loose and all that continues to oppose His plan to build a family will be purged out.

But you can repent and turn to Him and He will deliver you.

He is calling you to come out of Babylon because He is purposing to continue to build the later harvest of His family.

Scripture teaches us that Yehshua was the word or the logos of Elohiym made to be flesh.

Yehshua told us in John 6:51-58;

51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man will eat of this bread, he shall live forever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh which I will give for the life of the world.

Folks, this is very straight forward. Pay attention to what He is saying.

We already were told in John chapter one that He became His Father’s logos in the flesh.

There is no other way to have eternal life than what He explains in the following verses. He is the way and the life.

No one can come to His Father except through Him and He is His Logos.

52 The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, how can this man give us His flesh to eat?

53 Then Yehshua said to them, truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.

54 Whoso eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

55 Because my flesh is meat indeed and my blood is drink indeed.

His Father’s word is the unleavened bread of life because it teaches us His character.

We were created with the purpose of being transformed into His character.

Yehshua became His Father’s character in the flesh and told us He is the way. He told us to follow Him.

The Greek word used for follow means to be on the same path with. We must walk as He walked and become His Father’s Logos as He did.

He became the unleavened bread of life, the image of His Father.

He told us we must do the same. The unleavened bread is our ticket to eternal life. It is that which is Holy.

His flesh, coupled with His blood must be our nutrition.

He goes on to add;

56 He that eats my flesh and drinks my blood, dwells in me and I dwell in him.

57 As the living Father has sent me and I live through the Father: so he that eats me, even he shall live through me.

58 This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna and are dead: he that eats of this bread shall live forever.

The unleavened bread of life is Elohiym’s logos. It is Yehshua’s flesh. It must be our hunger and our substance.

Nothing else will give you eternal life.

Following Saul of tarsus’s different path and his different messiah will not give you eternal life.

But Yehshua also adds that unless we drink of His blood we cannot have eternal life either.

I will explain what it means to drink in of His blood.

It means that we must bathe in it.

It is the process of being washed by His blood in order to be forgiven so that He and His Father will take up their residence in us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is not a free gift. It comes with a cost and the cost is dying to self and walking with them on YEHWEH’s path.

His path is His Torah which includes His commandments, statutes, judgments and ordinances.

His path teaches us His perfect holy character.

It teaches us His righteousness. It teaches us to be holy as He is holy.

We are commanded to become holy and His Torah is the instructions that He uses to mold His character in us when we walk with Him in it.

Contrast this to what Saul taught in verses like Roman’s 10:9.

He taught that all we need to do is confess Yehshua’s name with our mouths and we will be saved.

He said that the law was just a schoolmaster to lead us to Yehshua but we are not under the schoolmaster any longer.

It is insanity to think this, yet Christianity embraces his lies because they taste better to them than Yehshua’s flesh and His blood.

It is insanity to think that Yehshua got rid of that which perfects us. Did He know better than His Father?

No, Yehshua taught that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from within His Father’s Torah.

Why do you believe Saul instead of your Messiah?

Why do you believe the mother whore of Babylon instead of you Messiah and the other prophets?

Why do you believe the lies of the false teachers who do not have the commandments instead of His prophet that is speaking to you today?

His word tells you who His true saints are. They are those who have His commandments and the same faith that His Son has.

Remember, His Son was given the name the Logos of Elohiym.

Did Saul have the same faith? Did He have the same logos? Or did He have a different faith and a different logos in his self-proclaiming more excellent way?

I will tell you, Saul was a liar and those who follow his teachings are liars.

They do not eat of Yehshua’s flesh, nor drink of His blood.

You had better decide who you want to continue to follow and quickly because the waves of destruction are at hand.

Many have learned that Saul is false but they are denying other truths that are being restored.

This is because they still hold onto some of the painted images of who they think the Messiah is.

They jumped to a different net and believe some of the lies of Judaism or other man-made religions and mix them in with things they are still holding onto.

We have to flee from everything that is false. It entraps us and keeps us in the darkness.

1 John 4:2-3 is a verse that is watered down to make it sound like all you need to do is confess Yehshua is the Messiah with your mouth as well.

It is crazy to think this because even the demons confess that He is the Son of Elohiym with their mouths.

Here is what John actually said when you look up the words.

The word that is translated as confess is the Greek word;

homologeo (hom-ol-og-eh'-o); from a compound of the base of NT:3674 and NT:3056; i.e. covenant,

#3056 is logos and #3674 means at the same place or together or in one accord.


1 John 4:2-3

2 Hereby you can know the SPIRIT of Elohiym: EVERY SPIRIT WHOSE LOGOS or CHARACTER IS IN AGREEMENT WITH THE LOGOS OF Yehshua the Messiah AND HIS CHARACTER (HIS SPIRIT) IS APPEARING IN THEIR FLESH (meaning is evidenced by their actions) is of Elohiym:

3 and every SPIRIT WHOSE LOGOS or CHARACTER IS NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH Yehshua’s “LOGOS” IS NOT of Elohiym: and this is that SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST, whereof you have heard that it should come; AND EVEN NOW IS ALREADY IN THE WORLD.

It certainly looks like there are a lot of antichrists in the world today because I cannot find those who are in agreement with the same logos as Yehshua who was His Father’s logos.

All I see is a bunch of self-righteous people who could care less about being in agreement with them.

They want to choose right from wrong for them-selves and tell their Creator how it is.

All of Christianity who believe in Saul’s version of the Messiah are certainly antichrist.

The word antichrist literally means those who oppose the Messiah.

If you oppose His true character, you oppose Him.

If you oppose His Father’s logos, you opposes Him and you are antichrist because He was His Father’s logos in the flesh.

His logos has a purpose. You need to learn what that purpose is and yield to it.

Your spirit confesses that you are against why He came and shed His blood if you reject His logos.

You trample His shed blood underfoot.

He shed His blood so that you could be washed by it so that His Father could write His Torah in your inward parts.

Jeremiah tells us that this would be the new covenant in chapter 31.

If you have rejected His Father writing His Torah in your heart and mind, your repentance was false and His Blood is not being applied on your behalf.

Again, His Torah is the path that He gave us that He uses to mold us in His image with, which is why He created us.

Is this that difficult?

Are Yehshua’s flesh and His blood just too much for you to stomach?

For most of you, they are. You would rather hold onto your make believe Jesus that came out from lies.

Leaving your life is just too difficult because you love your lives.

The problem for you is that a make believe messiah has make believe blood and make believe blood cannot cleanse you.

The time of Jacob’s trouble has begun.

You will need to turn from your make believe messiah and turn to the true Son of the Most High, the same one who was given the name the Logos of Elohiym.

You are going to need to change your eating and drinking habits and start eating of His flesh and drinking of His blood.

If you do, you will first need to enter into a covenant with Him to turn to Him and agree to be made in His image.

You will need to be submersed under the water as a token or a symbol that you agreeing to put to death your ways and that you are agreeing to walk with them on His path.

You will be committing to turn from all that is false and turn to Him.

This is what genuine repentance is and it validates your signature on the contract and He will turn the water that you are submersed in, into His Son’s blood and you will be made white as snow.

He will wash away your transgressions.

He and His Son will then come and dwell in you and He will give you His seven Spirits to teach you His ways and they will write His Torah in your inward parts.

And as long as you continue on His path, walking with Him in sprit and truth, fleeing from your transgressions, they will continue to cleanse you when you falter.

It literally is leaving your life for His sake and His kingdom’s sake, just as Yehshua taught.

As you go forward, they will teach you that sin is transgression of His Torah and you will learn why.

It is because His Torah perfects us and teaches us His righteousness and it makes us Holy as He is Holy.

John 12:25-26

25 He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it unto eternal life.

26 If any man serve me, let him “FOLLOW” me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor.

Serving Him includes following Him. Following Him is remaining on the same path as He walked.

And in Matthew we read;

Matt 10:37-39

37 He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

38 And he that does not take not his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me.

39 He that finds his life shall lose it: and he that loses his life for my sake shall find it.

And in Matthew 16 He says;

Matt 16:24-26

24 Then Yehshua said to his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross or stake (signifying a pole to die on), and follow me.

25 Because whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

26 Because what profit is it to a man if he would gain the whole world and lose his own soul (or lose eternal life)? Or what would a man give in exchange for his soul?

It is all about following Him on the same path and He walked in agreement with His Father’s logos.

Earning eternal life is all about being made in our Creator’s image.

Yehshua was His image in the flesh.

Becoming His logos makes us worthy to be given eternal life.

Our Creator is not building a family out of rebellious children.

If we are to be transformed into His image, we must eat of Yehshua’s flesh and His flesh became His Father’s logos.

It is what His flesh represented.

We become what we feed off of.

If we eat the lies, we end up living the lies.

If we eat the junk and the filth of the world, we become junk and filth.

If we eat the unleavened bread of life, we become the unleavened bread of life, the logos of Elohiym.

If you drink His blood that was poured out on your behalf, you are made white as snow by it.

Drinking His blood is bathing in it and in order for it to be applied on your behalf, you are going to have to turn to the truth that will set you free.

Repent, because the kingdom of Elohiym is at hand.