Today is the 17th day of the 5th month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is the 7th day of the 7th month on His servant satan’s calendar.

The Most High sent forth an incredible mark in time during the night of THE 15th DAY OF THIS 5th MONTH.

He caused HIS RED HORSE to send forth a 25% TARIFF on 34 BILLION dollars’ worth of Chinese products at MIDNIGHT eastern standard time which is NOON (or mid-day) in Beijing.

The significance of this event is THE 15th DAY OF THE 5th MONTH TWO SMOOTH STONES AGO marked the completion of Him causing THE 34 CHAPTERS of “These are the Truths” (a.k.a. the book that is called deuteronomy) to be written upon the whitewashed boulder design of His house with His Ezekiel chapter 9 writer’s inkhorn that He has given upon the dual loins of His 2nd son of His anointing oil that His word tells us is riding upon HIS RED HORSE.

There were headlines the next day that said “the trade war has begun.”

This trade war will escalate into the end war that will desolate.

The significance of this trade war being sent forth at midnight from the headquarters of the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel is this parallels the Most High passing over Egypt at midnight during the 1st Passover night.

This time being mid-day in Beijing parallels His prophecies that are for the sun going away at midday.

25% parallels His prophecy that uses 25 men with their backs towards His house as a prophecy that is for your perversions of His Sabbaths and your turning your backs towards His house at this time.

The next day He sent forth the 25th shaking of a string of shakings that have resulted from volcanic eruptions in Hawaii.

He did so at 9:04.37 P.M. last night according to the time zone that it is at His house.

The 1st day of the 168 day great and fearful day of His hot indignation will be on 9/04 on His restored calendar.

37 days prior to yesterday’s 25th shaking was THE 9th DAY OF THE 4th MONTH (4/09).

4/09 is the day that His word tells us that the famine prevailed in Jerusalem during the siege.

The famine of you hearing His word has indeed prevailed since this mark in time as a result of Him continuing to shorten the days.

He is indeed in control over every nano-second here on planet earth.

You cannot possibly say that all of these things are just coincidences.

Last night was the 14th of 14 consecutive nights of sundown being at 7:34 p.m. at His house.

The significance of the number 14 in relation to things like the 3 sets of 14 generations and 7:34 a.m. and p.m. are discussed in several other videos.

Yesterday’s 25th shaking was yet another 5.3.

His 2nd messenger of blood delivery waypoint is 53 days after His 1st messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

19 of these 25 shakings have been 5.3’s.

19 parallels things such as the 19 year wobble of His luminaries that He sent forth in the days of His servant Hezekiah and His servant David’s 19 sons.

The 24th shaking that He sent forth the day before was a 5.2.

There were 52 days that encompassed the day that He sent forth this 24th shaking that was a 5.2 and His 2nd messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

This was the 5th 5.2 of these 25 shakings.

5 parallels things like THE 5 PORCHES that were by the upper pool (a.k.a. the pool of Bethesda) that was by the sheep’s gate at the time that Yehshua healed the man that had a disease FOR 38 YEARS and THE 5 SMOOTH STONES that His servant David took with him in his shepherd’s bag to go smite the uncircumcised philistine.

These 5 porches represent the 5 coverings of the 5 tents that house the 5 people that dwell at the place that He has chosen for His name to dwell here.

The 5 of us are here to become smooth stones before His faces through turning back to Him through that which He has restored including His restored Sabbaths and the rest of His restored appointed times that are in His 360 day smooth stones.

Bethesda means house of loving kindness and also house of flowing waters.

He has sent me to you crying out favor for favor.

Favor for favor means that if you want to be a recipient of the favor of His loving kindness in the days that are ahead, you need to seek His favor.

You need to seek to be pleasing to Him.

How can you please Him if you refuse to listen to His voice?

His living waters flow out from this place and soon the physical waters will accompany them as well.

These 38 years of this man’s infirmity parallel the dual 38 year periods of the Most High’s dual death sentences.

The 1st of these dual 38 year periods was in the 40 years of the 1st exodus and we are now in the days of the 2nd of them.

I will speak about some of the symbolism that YEHWEH has woven into Him causing the 12 boys and their coach to be trapped in a cave in Thailand in a bit.

One of these small, quiet voice signs is the ex-navy seal that died at this cave when he ran out of oxygen yesterday was 38 years old.

You are soon going to be shown that even the oxygen that you breathe is owned by YEHWEH.

The 25th of these shakings that was yesterday was on the 6th day of the 7th month on His servant satan’s calendar.

His 2nd messenger of blood delivery waypoint is 50 days later on the 6th day of the 7th month on His restored calendar.

Therefore there are 50 and 1 days that encompass these dual 6th day of the 7th month waypoints.

50 and 1 parallels things like the 3 sets of 50 and 1 men that Ahaziah sent to bring back my predecessor Elijah.

Elijah went with the 3rd set of 50 and 1 men to tell Ahaziah faces to faces that he was going to die because he had inquired of the master of the flies, the elohiym of the extermination for his healing instead of inquiring of the only self-existing Elohiym.

The Most High is soon going to open wide my mouth for me to cry out the same to those of you that put your trust in man to heal you.

In light of Him marking the completion of the writing of THE 34 CHAPTERS of “These are the Truths” upon the whitewashed boulder design of His house on THE 15th DAY OF THE 5th MONTH TWO SMOOTH STONES AGO…

…that He accomplished with His Ezekiel chapter 9 writer’s inkhorn that He has given upon the dual loins of His 2nd son of His anointing oil that is riding upon HIS RED HORSE…

…if you don’t think that Him causing HIS RED HORSE to send forth a 25% TARIFF on 34 BILLION dollars’ worth of Chinese products at MIDNIGHT ON THE 15th DAY OF THIS 5th MONTH and at NOON (or at mid-day) in Beijing IS THE WORK OF HIS ALMIGHTY HAND…


The red horse has set in place another 16 billion dollars’ worth of Chinese products to tax if China does not back down.

These 16 billion parallel the 16 days of “Operation Grapes of Wrath” that He sent forth 22 years ago upon Lebanon (a.k.a. the White Mountain).

The significance of the timing of this event in relation to the here and the now is discussed in other videos.

This will bring the total of this 25% tax being upon 50 billion dollars’ worth of China’s products.

50 parallels things like His Jubilee year of release and His year of the release that is now at hand and even the 50 days from today that take us to His 2nd messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

And then here is where this gets beyond, beyond amazing, amazing.

Pay close attention.

He caused THESE 34 CHAPTERS of His truths to be written upon the whitewashed boulder design of His house by causing me to place THE 12 STONES (that they are written upon) upon His table of wood that is 2 CUBITS by 3 CUBITS.

THE RED HORSE said that if China (a.k.a. the dragon) does not back down when he sends forth the rest of this 50 BILLION, he has another 200 BILLION already in a state of suspension…

…and if this does not work, He has another 300 BILLION pending.

If this does not amaze you, perhaps adding these numbers together will.

They total 550 billion.

He has caused me to speak throughout these videos that the number 55 represents His Isaiah chapter 55 signature ring that He has put upon my hand.

Concerning this signature ring He tells us the following;

“The Man of the Feast” (Haggai) 2

20 YEHWEH’s word came to Haggai A 2nd TIME ON THE 24th DAY OF THE 9th MONTH saying,


22 I will overthrow the thrones of the kingdoms and I will destroy the power of the kingdoms of the heathen and I will overthrow their chariots and those that ride in them and their horses and their riders will be cast down, EACH MAN BY HIS BRETHREN’S SWORD.


This prophecy clearly associates His Isaiah chapter 55 signature ring with the coming end war that will desolate.

In light of this, you cannot possibly think that the red horse’s 550 billion trade war chest is a coincidence.

He sent forth the Japan Tsunami 55 days after the 1st waypoint indicator that He sent me with back in 2011 on His servant satan’s calendar.

How He caused me to build the 3 tiers of His 2 cubit by 3 cubit table of wood for His Altar two smooth stones ago was incredible.

I had been trying to accomplish this writing upon another table and He kept sending rain to wash my work away.

Plus He sent an extreme pain in my neck each time that I tried to write and it was so severe that I would even get nauseated.

And then He told me that He had given me the measurements for the table that He wanted me to use.

He did so in;

Ezekiel 41:22

THE WOOD of the altar was 3 CUBITS HIGH and it was 2 CUBITS LONG and the corners of it and the length of it and the sides of it were OF WOOD and he said to me, THIS IS THE TABLE THAT IS BEFORE YEHWEH’S FACES.”

2 cubits is 36 inches and 3 cubits is 54 inches.

This is an extremely odd size for a table yet it was the perfect size for these 12 stones and it was the perfect size to remove the pain that I was having hunching over to do the writing upon the other table.

The reason that I built this table with 3 tiers was to reinforce it so that it was able to hold the heavy weight of these great stones.

There are 46 great stones that make up the boulder design of His Altar however only 12 of them have these 34 chapters written upon them.

These 12 stones parallel the 12 stones that my predecessor Elijah used to HEAL YEHWEH’s Altar at Carmel and the 12 stones that were the pillars that my predecessor Moses rose up at Horeb.

These 34 chapters of His truths are written upon 3 tiers of 4 stones.

The inner tier is the 4 stones that are the 4 horns of His Altar.

The middle tier is the 4 corners of THE 12 CUBITS BY 12 CUBITS of the greater settle of His Altar.

And the outer tier is the 4 corners of THE 14 CUBIT BY 14 CUBIT lower settle.

It took EXACTLY 12 WORKING DAYS to accomplish this endeavor plus the 2 of His 7th day Sabbaths that followed each set of 6 days that I rested FOR A TOTAL OF 14 DAYS.

What are the odds?

What are the odds of this 12 day/14 day match to His Ezekiel chapter 43 -12 cubit by 12 cubit and 14 cubit by 14 cubit measurements?

What are the odds that these 34 chapters fit precisely upon 12 stones and not either more or less of them.

What are the odds of the red horse sending forth these 25% tariffs upon 34 billion dollars’ worth of Chinese products on the 15th day of the 5th month which was the completion day of Him causing these 34 chapters of His truths to be written upon the boulder design of His house two years ago?

These 4 horns parallel the 4 horns of His Zechariah man that is setting upon a red horse prophecy.

This prophecy tells us that He scattered Israel with 4 horns.

These 4 horns represent His 4 sprits of wisdom, understanding, counsel and knowledge.

He scattered Israel by cutting you off from these 4 spirits as a result of Him honoring your rebellious, uncircumcised hearts.

This prophecy also refers to these 4 horns as the 4 carpenters that He is using to gather the remnant of you that will turn back to Him at this time.

These 4 horns and 4 carpenters parallel the 4 offspring that are in His Isaiah chapter 8 prophetess’s womb.

He is using these 4 offspring that He is sending forth at this time to keep those of you that will not believe His word and turn back to doing what it tells us to do scattered by keeping you shut off from His 4 spirits.

He is also using these 4 offspring to gather those of you that will believe His word and turn back to do what it tells us to do.

He will give these 4 spirits upon you if you will do so.

Therefore the 4 horns of His Altar that are the inner tier of these 3 tiers of 4 stones parallel these 4 offspring.

Perhaps this account of His 2 cubit by 3 cubit table of wood and the red horses’ 200 billion and 300 billion war chest and the rest of these details do not amaze you either.

Maybe the following small quiet voice signs will.

On the 5th day of the 5th month this year or on 5/5 He caused me to produce a video that was called BLOOD & ALL WINE BETWEEN 10 OF DAYS.”

This video discussed how His Nehemiah chapter 5 prophecy (that is for all wine between 10 of days) is a prophecy that is for a 9 night’s supply of wine.

I was correct in my estimation of all of the wine that was here, it was exactly a 9 night’s supply.

The Most High did not send forth the 1st of these 4 offspring on the 10th day of these 10 days like I thought He was going to, instead He continued to shorten the days through continuing to cause His anointed to be afflicted as a result of your stealing from Him.

However during the time that these 9 nights (that were between 10 of days) were being played out, He overlapped this period of time by orchestrating a dual 9 night period of time that was part of a very publicized event that He is causing across the globe in Thailand.

I am referring to the 9 nights that were between 10 of days that the 12 boys and their 25 year old coach were trapped in the cave before they were found by the two Brits that found them on the 10th day.

These 9 nights began the day that He began to give me this “all wine between 10 of days” revelation.

The end of what was their 1st night in the cave was when He gave me the archery dream/vision that I discussed in the Blood and All Wine between 10 of Days video.

What are the odds?

There being 12 boys parallels the 12 sons of Jacob and the 12 sons of Esau.

There being 13 of them in total parallels the 13 rods of Israel and other incredible details like even the 1,300 days of the 3 tiers of 3 consecutive supermoons that He has sent forth to accompany Him sending me to you.

This coach being 25 years old parallels the red horse’s 25% tariffs.

Their ages are spaced between 11 years old and 16 years.

11 parallels the 11 days’ journey that we are told about in the beginning verses of the 34 chapters of “These are the Truths.”

What are the odds?

The red horse is even on a 11 days’ journey at this time.

16 years of age parallels the 16 billion that the red horse is sending forth from his war chest in the next round of his tariffs.

“These are the Truths” chapter 16 contains the Most High’s instructions for you to liquidate at this time and to bring that which results from your liquidation sale into the depository of His house.

These 13 people were found on the 10th day however as of this morning when I was online last, they remain trapped in this cave.

The name of this cave in the modern day language of Canaan is “Great Cave of the Sleeping Lady.”

The 1st 4 offspring of YEHWEH’s Holy Seed are trapped in a great cave of a sleeping lady at this time as well however her womb WILL wake up.

These 13 prisoners of this cave are running out of oxygen.

This represents you running out of time to turn back to the Most High before He unleashes His hot indignation upon you.

Towards the beginning the appointed time, dual appointed times and half of an appointed time of His 1st messenger of blood (when He showed me that He had removed the Immanuel man-child Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz from the Shullamite’s womb but that He was going to put him back into her womb)…

…I said that perhaps YEHWEH would accelerate Mahare’s grown in her womb and he and his twin sister Rachel would still be born together on His 1st messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

I also said that perhaps He would slow Rachel’s growth down and she would be born later when Mahare is born and this very well might be what the Most High is in the process of doing.

If so, Rachel will still be born 1st, however they would be born together on His 2nd messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

Since I believe that He has shown me that these 4 children will be born on 3 different delivery waypoints, this would mean that the twins Zechariah and Uriah will be born separately 31 days apart on His 3rd and 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoints.

Today is the 80th day of the 360 days of the Most High’s perfect one smooth stone.

He sent His servant that He drew out from the waters of Egypt before Pharaoh’s faces when His servant Moses was 80 years old.

He caused Moses to be upon His Holy Mountain at Horeb for a total of 80 days and 80 nights

80 days is the length of the appointed time of His restored Nazarite vow.


A tithe of this number of days or 28 days is the length of a woman’s monthly cycle.

In “These are the Truths” chapter 28 He lists His blessings that He will bestow upon those of us that listen, listen to His voice and then He goes on (beginning in verse 15) to list His curses that He is going to make good upon to those of you who do not do so at this time.

This is quite the list.

If you believed Him you would most certainly choose to listen, listen to His voice.

Towards the end of this list He tells us the following;

“These are the Truths” (a.k.a. deuteronomy) 28

58 IF YOU DO NOT HEDGE ABOUT TO DO ALL OF THE WORDS OF THIS TORAH that are written in this book (and that are now written upon the whitewashed boulder design of His Altar that is in the midst of the 20 cubits by 20 cubits of His house) AND YOU DO NOT FEAR YEHWEH OUR ELOHIYM’S HONORABLE AND FEARFUL NAME…



“All of the infirmities that were in Egypt” include Him smiting your firstborns.

“Upon your seed” is referring to upon your children.

This is a reality that He is SOON going to bring to pass upon those of you that live in rebellion to the word of His mouth that is upon His servant that He has sent to you at this time that are not set apart to Him to become part of His eternal realm.

He goes on;


62 THERE WILL REMAIN LITTLE AND FEW OF YOU that will be beneath the multitude of the stars of the dual heavens BECAUSE YOU WOULD NOT LISTEN TO YEHWEH OUR ELOHIYM’S VOICE…

63 …and it will be that as YEHWEH rejoiced upon doing good to you and to multiply you SO WILL YEHWEH REJOICE UPON DESTROYING YOU AND DESOLATING YOU and you will be plucked from upon the land that you go to inherit.

This is a reality that you are soon going to be shown is true.

He is going to cause you to believe Him.

The red horse’s midnight announcement on the night of the 15th day of the 5th month testifies that another midnight will soon be sent forth.

The details that the Most High has sent forth with this red horse’s charge at the dragon are amazing in testifying that this is the work of His Almighty hand.

The stories that are in the news are full of details like these that show that He is in control of very nano-second here on planet earth.

If this is the case (which it is), why would you refuse to seek His favor by obeying Him?

The reason is simple, it is because you do not really believe Him.

I have some bad news for you, the revelations of His only begotten Son tell us that ALL UNBELIEVERS ARE GOING TO HAVE YOUR PLACE IN THE LAKE THAT BURNS WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE.