Today is 3/30 on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is the 21st day of the 5th month on His servant satan’s calendar.

Tomorrow’s 1st day of the 4th month will be 3 days’ journey from the 28th day of the 3rd month.

The 28th day of the 3rd month is an absolutely remarkable waypoint that He has woven into His end time timeline.

However instead of sending forth His hot indignation on this incredible point in time, HE SENT FORTH A TRILOGY OF SOME ADDITIONAL SMALL, QUIET VOICE SIGNS.

Two of these small, quiet voice signs were mentioned in the last video.

They were a red horse whose name is “Justify” winning the 2nd leg of the so-called triple crown and the so-called royal wedding that drew a ridiculous amount of pomp & hype amongst the scattered descendants of Israel that are fast asleep as they eat & drink and continue to give unto their marriages instead of being THE CHASTE VIRGIN BRIDE of the Most High’s word.

The 3rd of this trilogy of SMALL, QUIET VOICE SIGNS that He sent forth on this fascinating waypoint indicator WAS A 6th VENTING OF SOME STEAM OF THE TALLEST ACTIVE GEYSER ON THE PLANET.

I am referring to a geyser that He has caused to be named “Steamboat Geyser” that is located in Yellowstone National park of all things.

This geyser was dormant for 50 years from 1911 until 1961.

This parallels the 50 days of the 2nd leg of His dual part count to His Feast of Sevens that were are now 22 days into and the 50th year of His Jubilee release.

He brought His 2nd Son of His anointing oil into the world the following year.

When “STEAMBOAT” erupts she erupts from 3 to 40 minutes PARALLELING ALL OF THE MOST HIGH’S 3 DAYS’ JOURNEYS AND HIS 40 DAY AND EVEN 40 YEAR PERIODS OF TIME that He has sent forth to mark His Almighty hand and even His righteous judgment.

Steamboat was quiet from september 3rd, 2014 on satan’s calendar however 1,289 days later, on 3/15 of this year, she spoke up again.

1,289 days is one day short of the 1,290 days of the 1,290 days of YEHWEH’s servant Daniel’s chapter 12 prophecy.

This morning YEHWEH showed me a 6th eruption of a current swarm of eruptions THAT HAVE TAKEN PLACE BEGINNING WITH THIS 3/15 ERUPTION.

Today when He did so just happens to be the day of the 89th silver trumpet assembly at His house.

This 6th eruption (that was two days ago on the 28th day of the 3rd month) was 65 days after the 1st of these 6 ventings of steam.

This parallels the 65 years (that is a prophecy that is for 65 days) that is part of His Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz prophecy, coincidence!

The 1st eruption that was on 3/15 on His servant satan’s calendar was on the 23rd day of the 1st month on His restored calendar.

The 23rd day of the 1st month was Daniel’s 21st day of the 3 sevens of his affliction that resulted in YEHWEH’s messenger (that was like the sons of Adam) breaking though the prince of Persia to come to His servant Daniel on the next day, on the 24th day of the 1st month…

…with the interpretation of “the man that was clothed in linen vision” that YEHWEH had shown to His servant Daniel.

This 23rd day of the 1st month waypoint OF THE DAYS OF 3 SEVENS hosted THE 1,335th PETITION to Him on His Holy Mountain.

This interpretation was that this man was a man (whose name is Michael) that was going to be sent to us from Greece clothed in linen at the end of this era of time telling us what is recorded in the Most High’s scriptures of truth and that none were going to seize with the Most High when this event happens except for this great prince Michael.

These 3 sevens just happen to parallel the 3 sevens that are between the 2nd leg of the much coveted Triple Crown and the 3rd leg of it.

The next time that YEHWEH caused Steamboat to vent off some steam was 35 days after He did so on His servant Daniel’s 21st day of the days of 3 sevens.

This was on April 19th on His servant satan’s calendar.

April 19th was the 28th day of the 2nd month on the Most High’s restored calendar.

Among other incredible details that He associated with this day was this day was THE 1st DAY OF THE 360 DAYS OF THE PERFECT ONE SMOOTH STONE.”

It was also the 8th day of the Shullamite’s 7th messenger of blood cycle when she was pronounced clean after the 7th day.

This appears to be her last cycle of blood that He is sending forth during her pregnancy.

He caused Steamboat to erupt again a 3rd time 8 days later to put an exclamation point behind this 8th day waypoint.

This was on the 27th day of the 4th month on His servant satan’s calendar.

This was on the 6th day of the 3rd month on His restored calendar.

This was 7 days after He sent forth His Jeremiah chapter 32 -17 shekels prophecy.

On this 6th day of the 3rd month/3rd steamboat eruption waypoint He stamped His connection to this number 17 prophecy to His 2nd go fund the depository of His house campaign by bringing an end to the $170 mark of that which He had caused to come into His house through this endeavor at that point in time.

He caused this go fund His house campaign to be “suddenly” removed 17 days later.

This was also the day that He caused my right shoulder to stop working so that He could heal it on the 3rd day.

He did so in order to set up other things, perhaps even tomorrow’s 3rd day. 

7 days later He sent forth a 4th eruption at Steamboat.

This was on the same day that He sent forth the 6.9 shaking on the big island of Hawaii.

I do not think that I have spoken about it since the time however one of the things that He caused me to speak about after spitting me out of the great ocean traversing plane 6 years prior to this year’s 28th day of the 3rd month was that the islands of Hawaii are going to not exist in the days that are ahead.

Since then He has also shown that the rest of the islands of the world are also going to cease from existing in the days that are ahead.

This 4th venting of steam at Steamboat was ON THE SAME DAY ON HIS CALENDAR THAT HE BROUGHT ME TO TEL AVIV 6 YEARS PRIOR TO THIS VENTING per His Ezekiel chapter 3 prophecy, another coincidence.

This was on the 13th day of the 3rd month on His restored calendar.

9 days later He sent forth a 5th eruption at Steamboat.

This was on the 13th day of the 5th month on His servant satan’s calendar.

This day was the amazing waypoint of the 504th day of Him causing me to approach near to Him 3 x’s per day that was discussed in a video that was called “If there are 10 righteous found there will you corrupt the city.”

The 70th anniversary of Israel’s so-called independence according to your father satan’s calendar was the next day therefore this 504th petition day was on the completion of these 70 years according to your king satan’s calendar.

And then 6 DAYS LATER on the absolutely remarkable 28th day of the 3rd month waypoint YEHWEH sent forth A 6th ERUPTION at Steamboat on THE 6th ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY THAT HE SPIT ME OUT FROM THE BELLY OF THE GREAT OCEAN TRAVERSING PLANE INTO YOUR MIDST.

This is indeed quite the series of coincidences.

Other than the time of YEHWEH’s wrath being at hand, is there something else that these 6 ventings of His hot indignation might point to?

Could they point to Yellowstone beginning to blow forth on the 20th day from this 6th venting?

I have spoken about this very real possibility that this 18th day of the 4th month waypoint will be the 8th 188th day shaking in another recent video that was called “The 8th 188th day Shaking & the 40th Day.”

This day will be 29 days after He sent forth the 7th 188th day Shaking.

The only other eruption swarm that I read about was a swarm of 29 eruptions that He sent forth in the year 1964 on His servant satan’s calendar.

His anointed would have been 2 years old at the time.

This was 54 years ago.

He caused His servant Hezekiah to live for the days of 54 years after He had added 15 years to his life and He has been in the process of causing the events that He orchestrated to accompany His servant Hezekiah’s life to flow into the here & the now.

He has been doing so in an incredible way.

The Wikipedia article that I read this morning said the following;

Steamboat's major eruptions last from 3 to 40 minutes, AND ARE FOLLOWED BY POWERFUL JETS OF STEAM.

Steamboat does not erupt on a predictable schedule, WITH RECORDED INTERVALS BETWEEN MAJOR ERUPTIONS RANGING FROM 4 DAYS TO 50 YEARS.

Yet another coincidence.

Every news story that I read is full of coincidences like these.

This article listed all of Steamboat’s eruptions since 1990.

1990 was 28 years ago paralleling things like the 4 waves of seven-fold of His wrath that He is getting ready to let loose upon those of you that live in rebellion to Him.

There were 17 eruptions that occurred during these 28 years including the 6 of this current swarm.

In these 17 eruptions there was only one other eruption that was spaced less than the largest spread of these current 6 ventings and this was when she erupted on 4/27/2003 -32 days after another eruption.

In light of His Jeremiah chapter 32 prophecy that He also wove into these 6 ventings & in light of the 15 years that He added to His servant Hezekiah’s life to bring the number of his days to 54 years…


This video is video number 1,166.

Strong’s number 1166 is a word that means to married to another.

This word is used 15 times in the testimony of His word.

Just maybe you should have been a chaste virgin to the Most High that is married to Him through the testimony of His word.

Or perhaps these things are not coincidences after all.

Perhaps they are all part of the small, quiet voice manner that the Almighty has sent me.