Repairing The Breach



The world has no shame today. The scattered tribes of Israel have no shame today.

Yesterday I read a verse where Yehshua was talking about the shame of our nakedness;

Rev 3:18

18 I counsel you to buy of me GOLD TRIED IN THE FIRE, that you may be rich; AND WHITE ROBES, that you may be clothed, and that “THE SHAME” of your nakedness does not appear; AND ANOINT YOUR EYES WITH EYE SALVE so that you may see.

This verse is packed with a powerful set of instructions that man has rejected and therefore they are walking in the darkness.

What is amazing is how everyone thinks that they have eyes to see apart from these instructions and they cannot even see the shame of their own nakedness.

He instructs us here to anoint our eyes with eye salve so that we can see.

He has given what this means. It is the single most non-existent factor in the world today; the fear of YEHWEH.

There is no fear of YEHWEH today; therefore people cannot even see the absolute shame of their nakedness.

They cannot even see that they are naked and blind.

Briefly, I want to explain the fear of YEHWEH.

Isaiah lists His seven spirits in Isaiah chapter 11.

Revelations 3 explains that Yehshua possesses these seven spirits as we are to possess them to guide us.

The 7th spirit is the spirit of the fear of YEHWEH.

He has to give these spirits but first we must hunger for them.

The priority that makes the 7th spirit so important is it must precede the other six.

It is the eye salve that makes us hunger for the other six spirits which are;

1. His character or His very nature
2. His Wisdom
3. His understanding
4. His counsel or advice
5. His strength or His might
6. His Knowledge

We cannot even receive these spirits on a continuing basis without first receiving the fear of going against His will.

This is the eye salve.

His will is to make us in His image so that we can become His children.

The first step on our part is to choose to desire and to live His will in our lives.

Remember, His will is to make us in His image. This is why He created us.

Once we make this choice and choose to live it, He gives us a fear of going against Him to help keep us on His narrow path.

But man has rejected His will and superseded it with their own heart’s desires and the lusts of their own eyes instead.

The result has been, their eyes have been blinded because they have not been given eyes to see, no matter how wise they think that they are or how wide open that they think their eyes are.

David tells us in Psalms 36;

Ps 36:1

The rebellion of the wicked is within his heart, there does not exist the FEAR OF ELOHIYM before his eyes.

David is saying that because there is no fear of Elohiym, this is why there is rebellion in the wicked’s hearts.

You in Christianity cannot even see the wickedness of your hearts because you have not feared going against the reason that you were created.

Scoff at this if you will, but you will soon learn what fear is and when the dust settles, you will wish that you had feared not being in His favor and under His umbrella of protection.

Instead, you have chosen to be under the wings of satan and his perversions of the truth.

You have dismissed your Creator’s commandments and statutes and judgments because you chose to believe the lies of Saul of Tarsus instead of your Messiah.

We are approaching the climax of the end of satan’s rule and the end of man’s opportunity to live as he or she sees fit.

In the coming era of time, man will still have free will but it will either be to do it their Creator’s way or the highway.

What opposes His will and His path will be purged out.

Does that sound unfair to you? Just look at what man has accomplished under this time doing it their own way.

If man had lived the design given to them, they would have learned self-less love and oh what a world it would have been.

He is going to show us the result of doing it His way.

Today, abominations are not even considered abominations by most.

People do not even know what is abominable.

And I am just referring to basic abominations like homosexuality and sex outside of marriage and abortions and divorce and things like this.

There certainly is no understanding of, less more consideration for the things that are abominations to our Creator like turning our ears from His perfect Torah.

His Torah was given to us to mold us in His image but most of you could care less about this because you have no fear of not pleasing Him.

This is abominable to Him but you have no shame.

Back to the obvious abominations of this world, there is no shame in the language that people use.

There is no shame in the clothing that people wear or the lack of it.

There is no shame in people’s hearts that they watch the filth that they choose to watch on television or in the theaters.

There is no shame that their desire is to feed off of the lusts of Hollywood and the filth that is in the political arena and such.

I could go on for hours listing the lack of shame that is in the world for things that would have even been considered filth just 50 or 60 years ago.

But as bad as these things are, the root of them stems from their lack of shame for dismissing why they were created.

There certainly is no desire to be holy as we were commanded to be holy.

There is no desire to be clothed in our Creator’s righteousness for His glory.

And there is no shame for this lack of desire for His holiness or His righteousness.

Just look at all of the perversions within the false religion called Christianity.

They come together on the pagan day of Sunday or Saturday and clap their hands and sing praise be to His name while rejecting everything that He commanded them to live by.

They blaspheme His name by blaspheming His character and perverting His character into the image that they want Him to be.

This is plain shameful but there is no shame in their midst.

There is even no shame for their lying.

There certainly is no shame in placing other gods before Him.

The gods of within Christianity are many in number indeed.

Their false religion itself is one of their gods and it is based on all sorts of pagan origins but they have no fear so they could care less.
Nor is there any shame.

They, or each and every one of you listening to this if you are living in the lies, have rejected the warnings like;

Deut 12:30-32

30 Take heed to yourself that you are not snared by following after them (referring to the gods of the pagan nations), destroy them from before your face; and do not inquire after their gods, saying, how did these nations serve their gods? Likewise, we will serve our Elohiym as they serve their gods.

31 You shall not do so unto YEHWEH Elohiym: Because every abomination to YEHWEH, which He hates, they have done unto their gods; even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods.

Oh, you say, we have not burnt our children in the fire.

Really? What do you think you have done or are doing to them by not teaching them to live by every word of Elohiym as you were commanded to teach them?

Do you think that you are giving them eternal life?

No, by not teaching them the way that they should walk from the time that they got up in the morning until they went to bed, and by not teaching them to meditate on why they were Created and the path that would give them eternal life, you are in fact teaching them a path of their own choosing, one that leads to the lake of fire.

Do you think that this is not the same thing as sacrificing them into a fire?

Instead you teach them your own righteousness and the lies of Saul of Tarsus who takes them away from their Creator who could give them eternal life.

It is the same thing as throwing them in a fire; it is just that it is not as immediate.

He goes on in the next verse;

32 What thing so ever I command you, observe to do it: you shall not add to it, nor diminish from it.

Do you think that it pleases Him that you have had no fear of going against this verse, less more respect of it?

Do you think that it pleases Him that you have no shame for disobeying His instructions?

Why do you think that He is going to send the tribulation then?

What makes you any different than a Muslim?

Is it because you don’t stone an adulterer and they do?

Well, guess what, you were commanded to purge out adultery from you.

Are you more righteous than the Muslim because you do not stone a homosexual?

Think about that. Do you think that letting homosexuality flourish in your society has been a good thing for your children?

Oh, you say, we have confessed Jesus is lord with our mouths so we are forgiven. Blasphemous!

Confessing Him means confessing Him by your actions and that means living as He lived. It means following Him.

And He lived by every word of His Father and taught us to do the same. He said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from within His Father’s law that you reject.

Instead you follow Saul of Tarsus.

Yehshua was His Father’s logos in the flesh. This is the name that He was given. Confessing Him means confessing His logos by living it.

I assure you Islam has their own set of abominations but they did not have the same covenant directly offered to them that you have had offered to you.

You were supposed to take this covenant and the truth to them and to the rest of the world, but instead you blasphemed it and you brought a false gospel to the world about a make believe Messiah.

And you have no shame for your blasphemes to boot.

You don’t even want the eye salve that would give you the ability to see your abominations.

Instead you have chosen to walk with out-stretched necks and wanton eyes, bathing in your idolatry and the desires of your coveting hearts.

You are a bunch of adulterers and adulteresses living in whoredom before your Creator.

Read what the scriptures say will befall Israel in the last days.

Do you think that you are not part of the descendants of Israel?

Even if you were not, you certainly claim to be Elohiym’s children which is claiming to be the same thing.

Why do you think that you have what you have compared to the rest of the world?

Do you think it is because of your righteousness?

No, you have trampled underfoot the shed blood of His Son but He continued to try and show Himself strong to you as He called a people out of you.

But you would not turn to Him.

Instead you blasphemed Him by placing your gods before Him.

Your houses have been your gods, your children have been your gods, your jobs have been your gods, as I said, your false beliefs that came from satan have been your gods.

You worship satan by following his appointed times and such.

There are no end to your idols and your gods.

Is it not in store for YEHWEH Elohiym to destroy you?

Has He not held back long enough?

You have a choice. One, you can repent and turn to Him and agree with Him to be made in His image through His instructions.

If you do, you can be on your way to everlasting life in His Kingdom.

Or two, you can hold fast to your abominations and receive everlasting shame.

I suggest that you seek after some of that eye salve before it is too late.

Jeremiah prophesied the attitude of transformation that you are going to need to embrace as part of the first step of repentance;

Jer 3:25

25 WE LIE DOWN IN OUR SHAME AND OUR DISGRACE COVERS US: because we have sinned against YEHWEH Elohiym, we and our fathers, from our youth even to this day, and have not obeyed the voice of YEHWEH Elohiym.

4:1 If you will return, O Israel, says YEHWEH, return to me: and if you will put away your abominations out of my sight and not waver,

2 And if you will commit yourself to YEHWEH, that He lives in truth and in judgment and in righteousness; the nations shall bless themselves in Him and in Him shall they glory.

This certainly sounds like a better result.

Or, like I said, let Him show you the shame of your nakedness because you are about ready to be humbled if you won’t repent.

I know what He wants you to choose.

Choose life so that you and your seed may live!

Clothe yourself in the robe of His righteousness and let His Son’s blood make it white as snow.