Repairing The Breach





Today is the 25th day of the 7th month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is monday, the 18th day of september on His servant satan’s calendar.

We are now 3 -30 day periods into the summer that will bring forth the Most High letting loose His hot indignation with only 4 more official days of summer that are left to go.

YEHWEH my Elohiym restored His 30 day months 5 smooth stones ago…

…and when He did so He did so through dual 3 -30 day periods that He orchestrated on each side of the day that He caused His end time son of Adam to scatter the last 1/3rd of my hair into the wind that I scattered into the wind per His Ezekiel chapter 5 end time son of Adam prophecy.

Today is the 11th day of the dual 7 days of His Feast of Ingathering that was discussed in the last video.

This day contains the 4th silver trumpet blast of the last 7 days of this Feast.

The 1st of these 7 trumpets blew at 2:55 p.m. (Arizona time) on the 22nd day of this 7th month according to my helpmate's clock.

This was on 09/15 on His servant satan's calendar.

According to that which YEHWEH my Elohiym revealed to me towards the beginning of Him sending me to you, the silence in the dual heavens that is for the space of a half of an hour (that follows the opening of the 7th seal) is a period of 3 1/2 days or 84 hours.

He gave us this revelation in association with a tier of the 1st -6 trumpets blowing being spaced 11 days apart.

His doing so was part of the early warning cries that He sent me with.

At the end of Isaiah chapter 59 He tells us that there is going to come a time when He no longer lets anything that I speak be removed…

…and then He goes on in chapter 60 to tell us that His light will go forth at this time and that it is going to shine forth upon me and darkness is going to cover those of you that live in rebellion to Him.

This time is at hand now that the 7th seal has been opened.

This seal was opened with His revelation of these final 7 or the final 1/3rd of the 21 silver trumpet assembly calls that He has orchestrated at this time at His house.

There are dual scenarios for when this final period of 84 hours of silence from His dual heavens might have begun.

And there is also the possibility that He will continue to hold this back until the 84th trumpet blast.

The 84th silver trumpet blast will be a blast that is towards the north on the last great day of this Feast that is just 3 days from today.

YEHWEH is causing His 2nd anointed Son to blow the silver trumpet that He has brought into His camp 4 times to gather each of these 21 assemblies so the final assembly (that will be on the 14th day of this Feast) will bring forth this 84th blast.

This is also a very real possibility for when He is going to begin letting this time of affliction loose.

I say this because He has recently told us that the number of days that are associated with several of His end time prophecies are symbolic of different waypoints that He has woven into the 270 days of my petitioning Him 3 times per day upon His Holy Mountain and even these 21 assembly calls with this silver trumpet.

For instance the 270th day of my petitioning Him brings forth the 2nd man-child instead of His dual 9 month periods that He has orchestrated and these 21 assembly calls represent the 21 days of His servant Daniel’s petition.

Whenever it is that He lets loose the rest of the physical effects of the first 6 trumpets He is going to do so suddenly, His word says so.

Those of you that are looking at the physical sign of this week’s planetary alignment with Virgo and the sun and the moon are going to be in quite the shock because you are going to get your physical sign “before” this alignment takes place.

This alignment will occur on the 2nd day of the 7 days of the 7 vials of the 7th trumpet.

You are not going to be looking at it or even be able to look at it with His dual heavens darkened above you.

In light of what His two anointed Sons have spoken about the wicked and the adulterous generation that seeks after a physical sign at this time…

…and in light of our Father bringing forth the 2nd man-child at the end of this dual 7 day Feast 2 days before this sign in the sky…

…it is indeed fitting that YEHWEH has orchestrated this physical sign to occur 2 days in the rears of Him sending forth the 7 days of the 7 vials of the 7th trumpet.

If the 84 hours began at the end of the dual year period of time it began at 6:00 a.m. on the 22nd day of this 7th month.

Like I said, this was on september 15th on His servant satan's calendar.

84 hours from this mark in time will be today at 6:00 p.m.

If the Most High marked the beginning of this final 84 hour period of silence from Him when the 1st trumpet blew that day (8 hours and 55 minutes later at 2:55 p.m.) then the end of these 84 hours will be towards the end of today at 2:55 a.m. according to the time zone that it is at His house (which is Arizona time).

2:55 a.m. today will be in the predawn hours of what would be tomorrow morning (on the 19th of september) on His servant satan's calendar.

And if not either of these dual 84 hour periods, then the 84th silver trumpet blast on the last great day of this Feast that is just 3 days from today will do the job.

In holding this back until now YEHWEH has certainly established that He is not going to take pleasure in doing this but rather that you that are wicked before His faces would turn back to Him and seek His favor before He does so and live being a delight to Him.

The Most High's 7 day extension of this Feast (that has brought forth these final 7 trumpets of 21) parallels the 14 days of this Feast that He proclaimed through His servant Solomon at the time that our ancestors finished building the 1st of the dual houses that He caused to be built unto His name.

The small calamities that He has been sending like hurricanes Jose and Maria (a.k.a. Joseph and Mary) are certainly signs of the times that He has sent to warn you...

…however they are nothing in comparison to what the Most High is getting ready to unleash upon those of you that are living in rebellion to the word of His mouth.

He used Joseph and Mary to bring forth the 1st man-child.

In light of this and in light of YEHWEH removing my predecessor Elijah from the Jordan River with whirlwind and His chariot of fire…

…do you think that just maybe the whirling wind of our fathers might have caused these dual whirlwinds to be named Joseph and Mary in the Spanish tongue as part of Him bringing forth the man-child at this time?

One of the many things that are for sure in this is that His wrath is going to come upon you “suddenly” just like His word says that it is going to.

This is not only because you are looking at events that are behind the time that His end time son of Adam has spoken to you…

…it is also because many of you think that you are going to be raptured away or that you are already good to go with Him.

Well, you are suddenly going to find out that you are in error and you are going to be shown that you are drunk with the wine of fornication, playing the whore to the Most High.

You are going to be shown that you are the utterly naked and the dead lives of Adam before His faces.

He is going to show you the shame of your nakedness.

You are indeed going to be suddenly surprised in the days that are ahead.

These hurricanes that He has been sending are not sudden, with the modern day knowledge that the Most High has increased at this time we can see hurricanes coming many days in advance.

And other whirling winds such as tornadoes are not sudden either, tornado watches and warnings are sent out by the forecasters ahead of YEHWEH sending them.

They are only sudden upon us if we are not listening to the news or to the forecasts or to the sirens.

And this is what you have done; you have failed to listen to His watchman that He has sent to you.

Therefore it is a sure bet that even though He has once again risen up His prophet ahead of Him sending His hot indignation upon the descendants of Israel His wrath is going to come upon you suddenly.

The Almighty has sent His dual anointed Sons with that which would have given you paradise here on earth while you waited on paradise in His dual heavens however you refused to dance to the music.

And now the time for His early warning sirens that He has sent me with has come to an end.

My Father has been silent from His dual heavens for long enough.